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German Saucers

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German saucer

an investigator approaches ...


    Since the mid-Thirties, there have been reports of circular aircraft with German markings. Whether they use crystal levistones, turbines, electro-magnetic drives, Schumann SM-levitators, repulsine, Thulian Triebwerk or Tachyonator engines, or some more exotic propulsion system(s) is unknown. The hull may be composed of a special material:  Viktalen. Names which may apply to these craft include Rundflugzeug (e.g., RFZ-1 was the first prototype), Hauneburg-Geräte (or H-Geräte)Vril-1 Jäger (aka the RFZ-7), and Flugkreisel -- keep in mind there are similar, parallel programs which may share some designations, or be mistaken for these craft. They are probably prototypes only at this point.

     These craft are not a Luftwaffe program, but are rather constructed under the authority of the SS Technical Branch, as program E-IV (Entwicklungsstelle 4); their research and development facility is near the town of Hauneburg. Like all German projects of this period, there is a confusing overlap of projects, authority, direction, designations, etc.

     The Thule Gesellschaft and former members of the Vril Society may also be involved in some way -- possibly in opposition to each other! Travel to the star Aldebaran (65 light years away from Earth) has been mentioned as an eventual goal of one or both of these groups.

    Characteristics of an early prototype: 


Diameter:  38' (11.5 meters)

Depth:  10' 5"

Crew:  possibly six 

Performance:   unknown, anything from "not too exciting" to "spacecraft"

Armament:  unknown, but a couple of MG-FF 20x80mm cannons and some MG-17 machineguns would be quite possible.

Equipment:  at least a radio ...


    (We have a figure-scale model of one of these, woot! And of course these could all be lies ... it's up to Kevin to decide if or when any of this fits the campaign. The saucer information is focused on the 1934-1940 period.) 


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