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Feemen Loot

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Harald's Chariot


     An originally white 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five, stretched to 6.5 meters long (21 feet 4 inches) from the original 6.2 meters. "Conversion by Breece Custom Limousines, Dallas Texas". It's decorated with leopard print upholstery, bundles of Christmas lights, fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror, Texas vanity plates (which read “BIG CHIEF”), 8 tubular exhaust headers protruding through the hood (and making quite a racket), and a Jesus statuette on the dash. The hood ornament is a Cabbage Patch doll stuck on a spike and wearing a gaudy plastic crown. The front seat has been yanked out and replaced by a huge wicker throne for the chief to sit on as he drives, topped by an enormous (old) cow skull and horns. The location of the front seat passenger is taken up by extra 12 volt batteries and the nitrous tanks and manifold. The trunk has been taken out and an entire 1973 Hammond B-3 electric organ (from a church or bowling alley) put in its place, playable by anyone sitting in the back seat (which has been installed facing the rear window). The radio runs through a Rockford Fosgate 1800 watt sound system, also in the trunk. The engine is a 6 liter 150 HP V8, converted to run on ethanol or methanol. Some of the original options:  heavy duty cooling system, heavy-duty alternator, limited slip differential, sport handling package, AM/FM radio with 8-track, cassette and CB radio, puncture-sealing tires. Later options:  truck horns, police/fire lights and a siren, several more batteries, nitrous oxide system (currently lacking any nitrous oxide), two M1919 Browning machine guns (one under the hood and one in the trunk, fired by the former turn signal switch -- left for front, right for rear). The machine guns each have a fabric belt of 100 rounds of old .30-06 ammunition -- probably not very reliable. The glove box holds four more empty fabric ammunition belts.

     Fuel usage (alcohol) is 48 liters per 100 kilometers; the tank holds 96 liters. Vehicle weight 2200 kilograms. 

     Cassette tapes in the vehicle include


Storehouse Contents


  • 5,000 orange felt blankets, with FEMA printed on one corner

  • 600 orange nylon 4-man camping tents; the nylon is a bit weak and faded

  • 500 foam-rubber sleeping mats, black

  • 5,000+ sets of forks and knives

  • 20 space heaters, to run on gasoline

  • many hundred bottles of vitamins, mostly crumbled to powder

  • 150 water treatment kits; the tablets are kinda stuck together

  • 30 porta-potties. They were used, cleaned, used, cleaned for several years, before being put into storage for more than a century

  • 30 drums of porta-potty "fluid"; it's gotten kinda thick and stiff in 150+ years

  • methanol (30 drums, 200 liters each)

  • 12 car tires and wheels; the tires are HR78x15-D steel-belted radials (to fit the Cadillac or other 15" diameter rims; rated up to 210 kph top speed). Most are retreads, but all are in usable condition.

  • 18 dead (but usable with work) 12 volt automobile batteries. They need battery acid (sulfuric acid) ...

  • powdered baby formula (amounting to 1/2 ton)

  • 1 ton of packaged baby diapers

  • 2 tons of assorted chemicals (dish detergents, laundry soaps, etc.)

  • 900 ready-meals of assorted types ... the ones nobody ever wanted to eat, even after the Atomic War

  • 17,000 gallons of reasonably fresh water, in what was once the tank of a dairy truck


Factory Contents, Except Armaments or Ammunition


  • blacksmith's forge -- the furnace, bellows, two anvils, and the workbenches. All the portable tools are gone, and the furnace isn't portable. The bellows would take a day or two to dismantle for transport.

  • a collection of rusty files, old hammers, etc. ... nothing that you can't get in a lot of other post-apocalyptic towns


Tower Contents, Except Armaments or Ammunition


  • 43 television sets (all shapes and sizes), a top-loading clothes washing machine, 21 videotape players (all for VHS equipment, 2 video cameras, 18 household radios, 10 boomboxes, 3 cassette tape recorders, 5 microwave ovens, 6 high-end car stereos, and a blender. A CB radio is set up with a nice big antenna to the tower roof. More info on the televisions:

    • the three smaller sets:

      • a portable black-and-white set, 12" diagonal screen, needs antenna connection, has a tiny speaker, plus a headphone jack socket, operates on 110//120 V AC or 12 V DC. Weight is 7.7 kg

      • a 13" color set, has sockets/feeds to receive signal from TV antenna (which can be dug up in the salvage), video player, or RGB connector to use with computer, woot! Includes a built-in speaker, operates on 110/120 V AC. Weight is 16.4 kg.

      • a 5" black-and-white set, includes AM/FM radio, has carry handle, receives from a dinky built-in antenna, operates on 110/120 V AC, 12 V DC, or ten D cell batteries. Stereo speakers. Weight is 5.5 kg.

    • all of the bigger TVs average 25 kg mass, 0.1 cubic meters volume. Most have connections for a video player; none have RGB input plugs. All have stereo speakers. Two are black-and-white, the rest are color.


  • 3 low-range Geiger counters, and one chemical sensor; all use D-cell batteries

  • a box of 140 potassium iodide tablets.

  • two big D-cell flashlights (one was Bixby's), and a multimeter (also Bixby's). Both flashlights have working batteries, made in Juarez.

  • a 500 watt electric generator, a two-stroke engine converted to run on alcohol and lubricating fuel. Weight 17 kg without fuel; produces 110/120 volt AC power from one (1) outlet. Uses 0.5 liters of alcohol per hour. Wasn't being used since the lubricants weren't available, and was much less efficient than the larger generator.

  • a Craftsman 3750 watt electric generator, four-stroke, converted to run on alcohol. Weight unfueled, 68 kg; it produces 110/120V AC from 3 outlets, and 240V AC from one outlet. Uses about 1 liter of alcohol per hour. Includes a working 12 volt battery for starting (though it also has a recoil "pull-cord" starter).

  • a small (dorm room) fridge, probably has no refrigerant fluid and certainly not plugged in; it contains a lot of dead D and AA batteries, and a lot of 1980s dated 35mm film (some exposed, some not)

  • an unorganized pile of a hundred or so cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, and 25 VHS tapes. Most of these represent items present in Wyoming in 1989 (ergo, not a lot of "urban" music). Roughly 50% of the tapes are unusable due to age, or are Beta tapes; there are five blank (or at least recordable-on) VHS tapes. The dozen playable (all the way through more than once) VHS tapes are:

  • 3 megaphones, each powered by 4 D-cell batteries; no batteries are present

  • 2 metal detectors, non-military. They use D-cell batteries; again, no batteries are present.

  • a cobbled-together public address system. A microphone, amplifier/control panel, and eight speakers probably from a high school sports field. Runs on 110 volt AC power.

  • fifty ~100 watt light bulbs; two dozen or so work light fixtures (and several more awkward lamp fixtures). The building's original wiring system wasn't being used (and was in fact mostly absent). Eight big "industrial" extension cords, used to connect the lights.

  • four big "stadium/truck stop" 1000 watt floodlights remained undamaged after the attack

  • workman's lunchbox with first aid supplies (notably bandages and a few antibiotic tablets)

  • 7,500 lbs. of minor antiseptics, painkillers, and a wide assortment of "over the counter" medicines; all of this dates from the 1980s and is of dubious medical value.

  • 1,500 lbs. of suppository medication for the treating of infants and combating basic childhood illnesses. Again, this is all from the 1980s.

  • 5,000 doses of broad-spectrum oral antibiotic medicine, Super Med and Ultra Med -- all in 20 dose bottles with Savant Empire markings. These are the only new medications in the tower.

  • 300 glass bottles, 1 kg each, of oral rehydration salts. 20th Century item, but probably still okay says Gootz.

  • 18 cardboard drums of malathion, an organophosphate insecticide (sprayed to combat mosquitoes and flies, applied to bedding as an anti-louse powder), 100 kg per drum (they're about the size of 55 gallon oil drums). The drums are coming apart, and Gootz doesn't want to be anywhere near them. Note that high doses of atropine are the antidote for this -- probably a hundred or more autoinjectors worth to counter a lethal dose.

  • 57 cans of powdered DDT insecticide, 18 kg each. It was only banned for agricultural usage. Each is a 5 gallon metal drum, with a crimp-on lid; 90% of the contents are actually talcum powder.

  • 100 boxes of 44 hydroxychloroquine tablets, for treatment of malaria. 20th Century item, Gootz doesn't know how useful they are.

  • 18 cans of quinine sulfate salt, for malaria prevention. 5 gallon metal cans (20 kg each). Probably still useful, says Gootz.

  • 12 sacks of lindane, 10 kg each, both as an agricultural insecticide and as a pharmaceutical treatment for lice and scabies. Probably still toxic, says Gootz.

  • 16 bottles each with 160 oral tablets of metronidazole (trade name Flagyl), an antibiotic, amebicide, and antiprotozoal medication; used to treat amebiasis, giardiasis and trichomoniasis. Gootz has no clue about their current efficacy.

  • 12 boxes of tinidazole tablets, 50 tablets each. Useful against protozoal infections. Gootz has no clue about their current status.

  • 50 military MARK I autoinjector kits. Each MARK I kit contains an atropine autoinjector, containing 2 mg of atropine plus another autoinjector containing 600 mg of 2-PAM (pralidoxime chloride). Gootz would really want to wait till he was certain of being nerve-gassed before using one of these on himself.

  • 150 brown glass bottles of potassium iodide tablets, 140 tablets per bottle. Used to treat or prevent radiation poisoning. Gootz knows these have an essentially indefinite shelf like (though they may taste a bit "off").

  • 112 sacks of warfarin (rat poison). Each sack contains 25 kg of "food pellets" (looks a lot like dry dog food).

  • 6 pallets, each with 6 cases of 20 boxes of 30 sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione tablets. One tablet will purify 30 liters of water -- which will taste very chlorinated afterwards. One box is 18 grams; one pallet is 70 kg including the pallet; all up, 420 kg.

  • a crate with 60 bottles of iodine water purification crystals; each bottle contains 400 cc of crystals. If kept sealed, these have an indefinite shelf life (though of course nobody ever tested it for 150 years). Each bottle can be used to treat about 2000 liters of contaminated water.




  • 30 riding horses; the Feemen ride bareback

  • 10 pack horses, with pack saddles

  • 50 herd and guard dogs

  • 500 sheep and goats




cartridge semi-auto handguns


  • 2 AMT Hardballer Long Slide, .45 ACP -- see M1911 for magazines

  • 44 Beretta 92, in 9mm Parabellum -- includes commercial 92F models and the M9 military weapon

  • 12 various .380 or 9mm Short pistols -- produced by Beretta, Bernadelli, Colt, Grendel, Targa, Walther, etc.; one magazine each at most

  • 4 various .32 ACP pistols -- Davis, Seecamp, Walther, etc.; one magazine each at most

  • 12 various .22 LR pistols -- produced by Browning, Hammerli, Ruger, etc.; one magazine each at most

  • 30 M1911 or equivalent -- various manufacturers, military, police, and commercial production; includes Commander models, etc.

    • 30 regular magazines (7 rounds), 1 extended 10 round magazine, 1 extended 20 round magazine

  • 3 Desert Eagle Magnum, .44 Magnum -- two are blue with 6" barrels, one (the chieftain's) is stainless steel with a 10" barrel

    • 3 magazines total are available

  • 2 Luger, 9mm Parabellum -- five magazines are available

  • 2 Ruger P85, 9mm Parabellum -- 3 magazines (15 round capacity) are available

  • 1 Iver Johnson Enforcer, .30 carbine -- uses M1 carbine mags, one 15 round magazine is available

  • 1 Walther P38, 9mm Parabellum -- WW2 bringback; 2 magazines available

  • 1 Glock Model 17, 9mm Parabellum -- one magazine (17 rounds capacity) available


double-action cartridge revolvers


  • 9 Charter Arms Pathfinder, .22 LR

  • 2 Colt Pythons, .357 Magnum

    • 6 speedloaders for .38 Special or .357 Magnum are available

  • 113 various basic revolvers, .38 Special -- Charter Arms, Colt, Rossi, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, etc.

    • see the Python for speedloaders

  • 15 S&W Model 686, .357 Magnum -- stainless steel, 6" barrel, marked for the Wyoming Highway Patrol

  • 3 S&W M29, .44 Magnum


single-action cartridge revolvers


  • 10 Frontier, .45 Colt -- Cimarron, Colt, E.M.F., Ruger, Uberti and other manufacturers

  • 2 Sheriff, Shopkeeper, or other short types, .45 Colt -- Cimarron, Colt, E.M.F., Ruger, Uberti and other makers

    • these pistols have short barrels and no ejector rod


bolt-action, lever-action, and other manually-operated cartridge rifles


  • 28 bolt-action hunting rifles, .30-06 -- Remington, Winchester, etc.

    • some have scope mounts, three still have scopes that might work

  • 5 bolt-action hunting rifles, 7.62mm NATO -- Remington, etc.

  • 2 bolt-action rifles, .22 LR

  • 5 M1903 Springfield bolt-action rifle, .30-06

  • 1 Winchester 94 lever-action rifle, .30-30


full-auto and semi-auto rifles


  • 3 AR-7 survival rifle, .22 LR -- six magazines are available

  • 1 Garand M1, .30-06 -- two 8-round clips are available

  • 1 HK53, 5.56mm -- Fleming modified short-barrel rifle, semi- or full-auto with 8" barrel, collapsible stock, 2 magazines (40 round capacity) available

  • 10 AK-47, 7.62x39mm -- all are full auto; includes Type 56, AKM, Poly-Tech, Mitchell, etc.; 12 magazines (30 round capacity) are available

  • 1 Mitchell AK-47, 5.56mm -- semi-auto only, 3 magazines are available (not the same as regular AK mags)

  • 48 M16, 5.56mm -- includes M16, M16A1, and converted AR15. This doesn't include the three traded to the team.

  • 27 AR15, 5.56mm -- semi-auto only; various manufacturers

  • 57 GAU-5/A and XM177E2 carbines, 5.56mm -- Air Force and Army weapons

    • there are a total of 50 thirty-round magazines, 30 twenty-round magazines for all AR15/M16/M177 types. This doesn't include the magazines traded to the team.

    • 6 bayonets that will fit on AR15/M16 rifles (and Stoner rifles, too; but not on GAU-5/A or XM177E2 carbines)




  • 1 Calico Liberty 50 -- 9mm Parabellum, with one 50-round magazine

  • 24 Colt Model 635, 9mm Parabellum -- with 10.5" barrels, 30 magazines are available. Almost all of these are marked as US GOVT PROPERTY

  • 31 HK MP5, 9mm Parabellum -- 20 magazines are available. Most of these are marked DEPT OF ENERGY/US GOVT PROPERTY

  • 15 Uzi, 9mm Parabellum -- 12 magazines are available. All are folding-stock versions.

  • 3 M10, 9mm Parabellum -- mix of parts by MAC, Hatton, RPB, Cobray, Partisan, etc.; 12 magazines are available

    • a single usable RPB suppressor is available for the 9mm M10

  • M10, .45 ACP -- mix of parts by MAC, RPB, Cobray, etc.; 1 magazine is available

  • 2 M11, 9mm Short/380 -- mix of parts by MAC, RPB, SWD, Cobray, etc.; 5 magazines are available


cartridge shotguns


  • 15 Remington Model 870 pump shotguns, 12 gauge -- commercial configuration (4 round magazine)

  • 10 Remington Model 870 pump shotguns, 12 gauge -- police configuration (8 round magazine)

  • 26 Remington 1100 autoloading shotguns, 12 gauge -- gas operated, won't work well with most 22nd Century ammo. Some have 4 round mags, a few have 8. Many are marked US GOVT PROPERTY/DEPT OF THE TREASURY

  • 3 Remington 1100 full-auto shotguns, 12 gauge -- converted to full auto only

  • 1 Ithaca Mag-10 Roadblocker, 10 gauge -- gas-operated semi-auto, 21" barrel, mass 5 kg, 2 round magazine

  • 21 pump shotguns, 12 gauge -- Mossberg, Ithaca, Winchester, etc.; 6 round magazine

  • 20 pump shotguns, 12 gauge -- Mossberg, Ithaca, Winchester, etc.; 5 round magazine

  • 15 double-barrel sawed-off shotguns, 12 gauge -- many different makers. Some are over-under, most are side-by-side


muzzle-loading and other non-cartridge weapons


  • 28 black powder pistols

  • 38 black powder rifles

  • 10 black powder shotguns, 12 gauge


zip guns, derringers and other odd cartridge weapons


  • 1 Derringer Model 1,.45 ACP -- 3" barrel, two shots

  • 7 zip gun pistols, assorted calibers -- includes a couple in .45 ACP, 9mm Parabellum

  • 25 pipe rifles and zip guns, assorted calibers -- includes some for 12 gauge or 7.62mm NATO


machine guns and heavy weapons


  • 2 M2HB, .50 cal -- from the armory. Not in the best condition, but will probably shoot

  • 2 M2HB, .50 cal -- from the roof. Damaged, will need some repairs by a competent gunsmith

  • 2 M2HB, .50 cal -- from the roof. Knocked over and scuffed, but not damaged much

    • 3 ground mounts for the M2HB

    • 2 tripods for the M2HB

  • 6 M60, 7.62mm NATO -- plain M60, not E3 or anything fancy.

  • 2 M72A3 anti-tank rocket launchers, 66mm -- LAW rockets, very iffy reliability

  • note the weapons listed for Harald's Chariot, also


Feemen firearms:  all disfigured with blades, axe heads, mace heads, etc., and used to beat on things


  • 100 pump shotguns, 12 gauge

  • 50 muzzle-loading shotguns, 10 gauge

  • 50 muzzle-loading muskets, .58 caliber

  • 10 single-shot pistols, .45 caliber




  • 50 rounds of 5.56mm NATO ball -- old and unreliable

  • 20 rounds of .38 Special -- old and unreliable

  • 4 rounds of .45 ACP ball -- old and unreliable

  • 65 rounds of 9mm Parabellum -- old and unreliable

  • 15 rounds of 9mm Short -- old and unreliable

  • 15 rounds of .44 Magnum JHP -- old and unreliable (including one that misfired)

  • 10 rounds of 10 gauge slug -- old and unreliable

  • 2200 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot -- black powder reloads, fairly new

  • 17 rounds of .30-06 ball -- old and unreliable

  • 8 rounds of .30-06 armor-piercing -- old and unreliable

    • note there is more ammunition listed with Harold's Chariot

  • 18 rounds of 7.62mm NATO ball -- old and unreliable

  • 71 rounds of .22 LR -- new Styx production

  • 21 rounds of .50 ball -- old and unreliable

  • 350 rounds of .50 ball -- new production with old brass, source unknown

    • 250 links for .50 cal ammo

    • 25 steel cans to hold 100 round belts of .50 ammo

  • 3500 links for 7.62mm NATO ammo (for M60 and compatible weapons)

  • 35 wooden kegs of black powder for firearms, 12 kg each

  • 5000 musket balls, .58 caliber

  • 500 pistol balls, .45 caliber

  • 5000 percussion primers for muzzle-loading weapons

  • 4800 empty hulls for 12 gauge reloading

  • 275 kg of lead for casting into bullets or shot




     Toilets, shoes, bathtubs, pipe fittings ... there's decades worth of salvaged garbage here. Most of the more valuable parts were traded off long ago. There are some car tools, equipment for reloading black-powder shotgun shells, molds for buckshot, molds for .58 musket balls, molds for .45 caliber pistol balls, an electric bench grinder ...


Doomrider Salvage


  • 14 scout bikes in working condition

  • 1 scout bike, very busted

    • quick salvage:  1 scout bike tire

  • 5 buggies in working condition

  • 3 buggies that can be put in working condition with 2 hours work on each (mostly changing 6 tires from the four really busted buggies)

  • 4 buggies, very busted

    • quick salvage:  8 tires

  • 2 gun trucks, very busted

    • quick salvage:  2 truck tires, patched and retreaded 11x22.5" singles (takes a Morrow Person with some local help 1 hour each to recover)

    • weapon and supply salvage is listed separately below

  • 1 sound truck, very busted

    • salvage:  2 truck tires, patched and retreaded 12.25x22.5" super singles (takes a Morrow Person with some local help 1 hour each to recover)

  • heavy weapons recovered from buggies and gun trucks

    • 2 crank-operated 40mm grenade launchers, each with a 20-round fabric belt. 22nd Century production, with Styx factory marks, dated 2135.

    • 4 "gatling shotguns", hand-cranked 12 gauge weapons. They feed from a 20 round integral top-mounted hopper. See the shotguns entry for ammo supply.

    • 2 M60 machine guns, 7.62mm NATO. The guns are unreliable, even with good ammunition.

      • They each had a 40-round belt, but another 220 rounds of 7.62mm NATO ball reloads were in the gun truck supply boxes. No extra links (hence the short belts in the guns). Note that the M60 and the MAG58 both use the same standard NATO links.

    • 4 M2HB machine guns, in pretty good condition considering; they have USAF property marks

      • 1500 rounds of .50 cal ball, 22nd Century reloads, in 100 round ammo cans

      • 6 empty ammo cans, too

      • 5 sets of pintle-mounting hardware (cradles, rails, etc.)

  • submachine guns

    • 2 M3A1 grease guns

      • six magazines total, holding 150 rounds of .45 ACP ball ammunition (22nd Century production ammo)

      • another 50 rounds of .45 ACP ball ammunition found in supply boxes on the trucks. Again, 22nd Century reloads.

  • shotguns

    • 8 double-barrel break-open 12 gauge

      • 8 bandoliers each with 24 rounds of 12 gauge black-powder buckshot ammunition

      • 160 more rounds of 12 gauge black-powder buckshot in the gatling shotguns or in truck supply boxes

  • rifles

    • 25 rolling-block single-shot rifles, in .44 Styx caliber. Construction dates:  2134 to 2135.

    • 17 lever-action Styx rifles, in .44 Styx caliber. Construction dates:  2134 to 2135.

      • 32 bandoliers, each with 40 rounds of .44 Styx ball ammunition, and a further 720 rounds found in supply boxes on the trucks

  • one M79 grenade launcher

  • 10 "jungle workshop" grenade launchers

    • 145 "jungle workshop" 40mm black-powder grenades (though they do use .38 Special blanks with 22nd Century propellant). This count includes rounds in the belts of the hand-cranked launchers.

  • 21 cap-and-ball .44 caliber revolvers

    • these each come with a gunbelt and holster, powder flask, bullet pouch with 30 bullets, capping tool with 30 percussion caps

  • "jungle workshop" hand grenades (but better than the boomballs!)

  • machetes, swords, knives, clubs, flails, etc. for 70 warriors

  • leather armor for 65 warriors, very shot-up, burned-up, or blown-up now

  • at least one of the men in the sound truck was wearing a kevlar or ballistic nylon vest; it's all melted now. There were a few better pistols and such on the bodies of the commander, as well.

  • minor items:  Boy Scout compass, RAF goggles, aluminum cook pot, 10 meters of tow chain, truck jack ... I may think of a few more later.



     The two gun trucks each had a 2500 liter tank for alcohol fuel; the sound truck had two 250 liter tanks (which mostly roasted the trucks once Gootz penetrated a few times with armor-piercing incendiary ammunition). The gun trucks each had a couple of .50 cal machineguns and a smaller "mounted" weapon; the sound truck had a single .50 cal machinegun. Food and water supplies, spare ammo, etc. were mostly carried on the gun trucks. Most of their tires have been shot up and burned, and the engines and transmissions are pretty thoroughly perforated by 20mm rounds ... they aren't going anywhere. There was a CB radio on the sound truck; the radio, and the sound system, are entirely trashed. No signs of a longer-range radio. Any maps and "secret documents" were burned up.


     Total alcohol fuel which can be recovered from the Doomrider vehicles:  780 liters.


     The individual Doomriders had various flasks of weird drinks and containers of unlabelled pills and powders; I suspect you're not eager enough to search them thoroughly or to test this stuff.





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