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Dragon Age Maps and Plans

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Hounds Hall


the ground floor


the second floor



Hounds Hall


     This is the Gray Wardens' base in Denerim; those present in Ferelden gather here annually for the First Day feast. At other times, there may be only a few Wardens present -- or none, or one.

     It's a two-story building, stone on the lower floor and half-timbered above; at one corner is a square stone tower. The building contains a library, an armory, a large main hall, offices for the Warden Commander, and quarters for at least two score of Wardens. The basement levels contain a lot of odds and ends gathered by Wardens in the last decade or two. Lately, the fireplaces have been kept roaring hot night and day; it's thus a bit over-warm for some.

     It is staffed by The World's Largest Contingent of Happy Elves -- about 40 servants, found scrubbing and cleaning anything remotely resembling dirt, debris, tarnish, crumbs, or other imperfections within the Hall.

     Bran found the very warm and spotless interior of the Hall rather distressing and quickly escaped to the cold and dirty outside (good old Ferelden).  Many of the elves recognized Eornan and called him by the name "Felry".


     Located in Denerim, this building is a substantial structure in the local style (stone on the ground floor, half-timbered above that). The tower has three floors (not shown on these plans), each with a chamber for a senior Warden. The basement has living quarters for many of the elven servants, store rooms, more work rooms, another kitchen, and a securely-locked treasury.

     The armory on the ground floor is more of a place to store camping gear, packs, and other items shared among the Wardens. A goodly number of ordinary melee and ranged weapons are racked here for use by anyone who needs a "loaner". Valuable, one-of-a-kind, or personal gear are kept in the treasury or in Warden's own rooms.

      The "bulk supplies" room at the rear of the ground floor is for extra bedding and furniture, repair materials, window shutters, trestles, the bar for the White Bronto game, empty barrels, etc.

     At least 50 Wardens can be accommodated on proper beds. 18 "normal" rooms on the second floor each have two beds, two chests, chairs, tables, and a bookshelf. Four rooms on that floor have more (or larger) beds and furnishings. There is a fair amount of moving, adding or removing furniture items as Wardens change their preferences on who (if anyone) they'd care to room with.

     The upper hall is less formal than the main hall; it's got comfy chairs, a hammock, chess boards, dart boards, and other distractions. Two windows look out into the main hall -- Wardens can see when guests arrive, and decide if they want to get fully dressed and go downstairs.

     The "back yard" has long clotheslines, and a stable.






the front end of the Yellow Palace


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