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First Day Follies

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Chapter 21

First Day Follies



9:30 Dragon, First day


    Eornan awoke early to visit Fiona, feed her, and make sure she was not on the wagon itself, as per Hayne's advice. He then joined the others for the activities described in the early portion of Chapter 20.  Eornan and Bran left Hounds Hall after the Helwyr ceremony, briefly returning to their room to gather items that had been scattered about after Reyla and Eornan swapped roommates the night before.  The two headed for the Chantry, taking a small but elaborate calling card with them to introduce themselves to Enchanter Turpin.  Turpin, a tall and gaunt man dressed in simple monk's robes, made it clear how lucky Bran was to get an appointment on such short notice ("many wait months"), especially for a purely cosmetic operation. It was revealed that Turpin worked on both Jayce and Tiernan. Bran donated a gold sovereign in thanks for the Enchanter's good works.


   Bran entered a small room with several shuttered but large windows.  He and five others were shown to cots while some attending Sisters asked questions and prepared them for chirurgery.  All but two Sisters left, those who remained donned odd masks and goggles before lighting a strange candle.  The candle's fumes spread through the room and put all six patients into a deep sleep. An hour later, the groggy patients awoke to find themselves healed, the four windows thrown wide open to clear the room of lingering fumes. Eornan escorted a wobbly Bran out into the Market.


    With lunch time approaching, Bran and Eornan went looking for Martin. They found him near the docks in a run-down building filled with single-room rentals. Martin had a girlfriend named Mary. Together they kept their room remarkably neat and organized. Mary seemed a bit cold and hard, dismissing us while she took some time to get ready. The men waited outside, Martin assuring us that it would be worth the wait. Mary was a dancer at a dive bar called the Blue Mabari; Martin was working as a bouncer there. Mary, it seems, got him the job and invited him in to live with her. Martin was sleeping better than ever, thanks to Mary's company and a small blanket she gave him that was treated with an herbal solution.  He said Mary was ordering a large quilt of the same sort for him, sewn together from smaller blankets.  These are typically used to keep infants quiet, so his quilt would be decorated with owls and bunnies.


   Mary emerged, wrapped in a large cloak, and we headed up the street to a tavern for a hearty lunch of good, bland, Ferelden cooking. We took a table near the hearth. Once warmed, Mary removed her cloak to reveal the most unusual clothing Bran and Eornan had ever seen. She had a myriad of light skirts wrapped around her hips, her midriff was exposed, and her top seemed designed to expose rather than conceal her body. She said she was dressed for work, much to the confusion of Eornan and Bran.  The very concept of making a living "dancing" seemed peculiar and strange to our not-so-worldly heroes.  Lunch finished, the group parted ways, with Martin assuring us he would stop by at sunset tomorrow to talk with Boaen. 


    Wandering back towards the Marketplace, the boys stopped by the fabric merchant from Orlais, whose stock included the pillows and blankets that provided a calm sleep. Bran was disappointed that the only fabric selections were fancy and fine; Eornan seemed less bothered and made some purchases. 


    The duo next entered the Wonders of Thedas to browse for various balms and potions they might need for the trip to Celatus (details to follow).  Bran left his dragonling's foot prize from the White Bronto War with the Formari. The Formari would study it and tell us what properties it might have (cost: 40s, will be available late the next day).


   With evening approaching, Bran and Eornan returned to Hounds Hall where they picked up Laney for a night of revelry up in the nicer parts of Denerim.  Bran was eager to visit the Palace and show off his new nose. The trio paraded through Denerim, lit up nicely by the Honor Axe. Bran strode into the Palace as though he owned it, successfully bluffing a guard who had asked them to halt and disarm themselves. Still armed, Eornan dimmed the axe and the three entered the palace. Bran called for refreshments - "a fine Antivan red" - exhausting his knowledge of wine. Eornan and Laney found delight in the bubbly wines.  The prank went on for just a few minutes before a very well dressed and senior member of the King's staff approached and asked "his majesty" if he'd like his jacket.  Even Bran knew that this fellow knew that Bran knew the fellow knew Bran was faking it. The fellow mentioned the jacket was the idea of another gentlemen, with a nod towards the throne. With that, the jacket was donned and our heroes began seriously mingling with the crowd of (thankfully) lesser nobles who did not know Cailan well.  An hour later and several hundred uses of "Indeed ... really? ... ah ... but, of course .." and other conversational filler found our heroes bored out of their skulls and ready to jump off a balcony.  Finally, the three were waved to a side room where the jacket was removed and the real King Cailan entered the ballroom, freeing Bran from his stunt double role.


   Tipsy, flush with the success of the charade, Bran wanted to enter Arl Howe's estate and search it for evidence to back up Garrick's claims. Laney admitted she might be able to open a few things quietly, but needed a better reason than "it's a whim!" to risk the Arl's wrath.  After asking directions, the party went on to Teryn Cousland's estate where the teryn himself quickly greeted "his majesty" and drew him close to ask "what's your real name, son?"  Cousland knew Honnleath had been the mage Wilhelm's home village and assured us that we could enjoy his hospitality so long as we behaved ourselves and politely thrilled the young ladies present. Eornan took an interest in the Cousland portraits; Bran conceded that the bubbly wine had some merits; all danced and made merry and left an hour later to weave an uncertain path down the hill through more parties and on towards Hounds Hall.  The hour was late and all three were soon asleep in their room.


More to come ...



9:30 Dragon, 1st day of Wintermarch -- Winter

    A day of shopping and murder most foul. 

   Eornan awoke early, going out to the stables to chase Fi off the wagon, feed her, and get her some exercise.  He found Hayne's dog, Sobrata, there as well. Sobrata was eventually coaxed into eating something. Eornan went back inside to wake up Bran so they could keep a breakfast appointment at the Chantry with Enchanter Turpin.

   Turpin gave the lads an introduction to sedatives and pain-killers and was willing to part with a few of the Chantry's supplies (for an appropriate donation, of course).


9:30 Dragon, 2nd day of Wintermarch -- Winter

    Departure for South Reach.. 




Next time: The Calling of the News



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