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Loot for Refugees

Page history last edited by Kevin McHale 6 years, 8 months ago

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     Here's the stuff you might be carrying out of the Mount Rushmore JEEP-3 facility. This list is not complete yet, and probably never will be ... it's a pack rats nest in there. There aren't any radios or tools.


  • From the Doom Singer's quarters:


    • the Vice-President's daughter:  34 kg (Currently being carried by Doc)

    • Vita, the harem slave

    • a corroded but working CD geiger counter; operates on D cell batteries (worthy of salvage, Jesse?) Jesse thinks not!

    • professional video camera battery belt; black nylon with plastic buckle  (worthy of salvage, Jesse?) Jesse thinks not!

      • 12 volts output from four separate lead-acid 12 volt batteries. 9 amp-hours, 3.6 kg, has a "cigarette lighter" recharging plug.

    • various drugs, in all sorts of small baggies, pill bottles, fishing tackle boxes, etc. Actual drug content, about 0.5 kg; packaging brings it up to about 2 kg. (Gootz, please carry the drugs!) They're listed on Gootz's load now - To confirm, that should only be anything with labels of some kind!

    • 160 rounds of 7.62mm NATO ball, mixed manufacture but fully reliable (To be split between JJ & Doc... might need more ammo on the trip back to the vehicles) They're carried by JJ and Jesse, Doc's too loaded as-is

    • block of 6 pounds of guncotton - (To be used by JJ to destroy the stairway 2 floors down) check!

    • wooden box of 1535 condoms, various 20th Century manufacturers

    • chromed hood ornament -- a kneeling woman ("Spirit of Ecstasy" from a Rolls-Royce). Mass, 0.5 kg.

    • large porcelain figure of Donald Duck with a clock in his belly (the clock is broken and no longer works). Mass, 3 kg.

    • fine women's clothes originally intended for the harems of the Montanan Empire

    • two wooden footlockers, each with mixed nickels, dimes and quarters (roughly equal numbers of each, plus a few pennies, half-dollars and solid dollars). Total value per footlocker, about $2,000; mass of coins per footlocker, 60 kg; empty footlockers weigh 10 kg each. - To be booby trapped w/ 2 black powder grenades each

    • circular medallion, 2.5" diameter, set with 56 cornflower-blue sapphires (representing the 56 counties of Montana) and edged with 15 diamonds (representing the petals of the bitter root, the state flower), at the center of which is a platinum boss etched with the state seal of Montana. Made in the mid-20th Century, this was in the possession of the rulers of the Montanan Empire until a year or so ago. Weight about 0.1 kg  - (To be salvaged! Scotty will carry it if no one else wants to) check!

    • two disco balls:  one 20 cm diameter, one 50 cm diameter

    • half-a-dozen female store mannequins, dressed in provocative clothing

    • ladies' wristwatch set with diamonds - (To be salvaged! Scotty will carry it if no one else wants to) check! Given to Vina

    • some poisons in small jars - Left untouched

    • several hundred issues of 1970s and 1980s "men's magazines":  Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, etc.

    • dozen pineapple Mk1 fragmentation hand grenades, assembled from inert or training grenades, with black powder charges

    • eight handguns; all were made before the Atomic War, and are in good mechanical condition (i.e., they have the usual Malfunction numbers): - (We should snag all the ammo even if the weapons get left behind) all ammo snagged, mostly by Scotty

      • three generic .38 Special revolvers

      • two S&W Model 12-4 Airweight revolvers (5 shot, 2" barrel, aluminum frame), with USAF property marks - (Unless someone else wants one, Scotty is going to grab these to toss to DeeDee to help with covering the egress. Anyone can use a revolver!) Dee has one in her load list now, check!

        • 28 rounds of .38 Special lead round-nose ammo, in the revolvers

      • Spectre D/A "assault pistol" -- looks like a submachine gun, has one 30-round magazine. Weight, 1 kg empty. - (This looks like a great backup weapon for someone) 

        • 30 rounds of 9mm Parabellum ammo, very old but not Project ammo

      • Encom MkIV "assault pistol" -- looks like a baby Sten gun with a 4.5" barrel, in .45 ACP caliber. Has one 15 round M3A1 grease gun magazine (magazine body and spring shortened). Weight 2.5 kg empty - (Scotty will take it if no one else wants to.) check!

      • American Derringer Co "Semmerling" LM-4:  a magazine-fed manually operated repeater, in .45 ACP caliber. Comes with one 4-rd magazine. Weight 0.7 kg empty - (Scotty will grab the pistol and the 20rds of ammo, unless someone else wants it.) check!   Pistol left behind, ammo taken.

        • 20 rounds of old .45 ACP military ball ammo

    • five sub-machineguns; all are in good mechanical condition - (We should snag all the ammo and magazines, the firing pins or bolts, and maybe the Uzi) 

      • Colt Model 602 carbine. 5.56mm NATO caliber. No forward assist, three prong suppressor, USAF property marks and AR-15 marking ... an early-1960s weapon. One thirty-round 1970s magazine. - Bolt taken

        • 30 rounds of very old 5.56mm NATO ball ammo

      • Thompson M1, J. Edgar Hoover special commemorative model, created in 1985 to honor the founding of the FBI, with inlays, gold plating, etc.; has one 30 round stick magazine - (Scotty will grab the magazine if no one else wants to.)

      • two M3A1 grease guns, in .45 ACP, with one 30-rd magazine each. Note the Encom "assault pistol" can use these magazines.Weight without magazine, 3.61 kg each - (Scotty will grab the magazines and ammo, unless someone else wants it. Feel free if you are going to carry one or both of the smgs) check!

        • 90 rounds of .45 ACP, newly-manufactured in Styx. 

      • UZI, 9mm, with one 32 round magazine. Weight without magazine, 3.5 kg - (This looks like a good backup weapon for Jesse) Jesse says sure.

        • 30 rounds of 9mm Parabellum ammo, very old but not Project ammo

    • 16mm movie projector

    • small folding movie screen

    • stacks of 16mm film cans and reels of film

    • Masonic sword and scabbard

    • lots of fighting knives 

    • tree-felling axe

    • lots of makeup, especially black and white

    • black robes, mis-matched drinking glasses, an electric blender, pillows, sports jackets, track suits, military/band/religious/fraternal uniform parts, shoes and boots, swim fins, propane powered over/stove, roller skates, boxes of bar soap (Scotty is snagging a couple of bars of bath soap) check!, jugs of detergent (mostly dried up), several dozen bottles of ancient distilled liquor (or in general, types that will survive 150 years of not being in a nice cellar), two baseball fielders' gloves, two softballs, an aluminum baseball bat, various mis-matched floor and wall lamp fixtures, a big ugly 1970s "Princess" bed ... probably a ton or so of stuff

    • Hondo Deluxe 748 Mark II electric guitar, from the late 1970s. - (Leaving this behind hurts!)

    • Alamo Futura Reverb guitar amplifier, from the 1980s. All solid state.

    • guitar effects pedal

      • The guitar, amp and pedals are all hooked up and ready to use.



  • From the "staff" room next door:


    • 5 twenty-liter jerry cans of drinking water

    • several hundred pounds of preserved or canned food

    • stacks of nice blankets and bedding

    • several boxes of diesel generator repair parts (Anything worthy of salvage, Jesse?) Nope, this stuff is too heavy!

      • imagine the parts look like this or this

    • two boxes, each with 24 light bulbs, 100 watts each

    • four 50 watt fluorescent ceiling fixture bulbs

    • six big cardboard boxes, most with 24 rolls of "prison or army grade" toilet paper (Scotty is so grabbing 2 rolls of this!)  



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Kirk said

at 9:49 pm on Feb 25, 2014

Wasn't there a sawed-off grenade launcher or two?

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