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Chapter 1

Setting Sail


10 Nubulis 2024

Fronto's Journal  

Depart from Tallo

This Anderfels town is a common departure point for Tevinters wanting to flee their country in a big way without close scrutiny of Tevinter authorites. Both Fronto and Rosetta board the Dasher, a small fast ship as you might (were you the cynical type) assume might be used for smuggling valuable cargo. The Dasher's final destination is the Rivani city of Dairsmuid.


The Dasher is led by Captain Andrius, a Tevinter sea captain with decades of experience on the seas as well as the Boeric and Amaranthine Oceans. In addition to the regular crew are also five quanari -- we assume warriors of some sort -- who also seem to be working-paying to be on board the small craft.


Fronto makes a point of sharing some fine spirits with both the captain and his crew, and makes fast friends. Ultimately this helps loosen a few tongues, but not until the ship enters the open Amaranthine Ocean.














17 Nubulis 2024

Fronto's Journal
Pursuit by Imperial warship is now evident. The warship is called the Sea Dragon, and it is at least five times the size of the Dasher, and disturbingly, nearly as quick. The Sea Dragon has the advantage of several Tevinter mages on board, and therefore has the winds with her sails. Lucky for the tiny Dasher, she has Rosetta, who can match their ensorcellment of the winds and keep the Dasher one step ahead. Three days of excruciating pursuit later...








20 Nubulis 2024

Fronto's Journal

Captain Andreas takes a desperate action.Seeing that ultimately outrunning the Sea Dragon is not in the cards, he chooses to head for a part of the Amaranthine known for treacherous seas and lost ships, in hopes the Sea Dragon will not follow.



While the Sea Dragon does seem to slow its pursuit, it does not give up the chase and as she closes in, Captain Andreas summons his only two passengers to brief them on the ship's fate, and hurry them to the dingy the captain had prepared for... hiimself?


With only a precious few minutes to explain, the captain alludes to the quinari on board to be not inclined to surrender to the Sea Dragon, and the captain and his crew have the choice to fight with the qunari first, then stand up to the Sea Dragon's boarding party, or simply to stand up like men and go down with their ship.


Captain Andreas points out where he believes the Dasher is on his map, marks the map and stuffs it into an lacquered wood tube. Handing the tube, and a few more items (a compass, looking glass -- see 'Bonus' below) to Fronto, he tells the pair that the dingy on deck is being moved to be lowered over board, and will leave with or without them. The characters are given barely two minutes to collect their valuables and head to the deck to be on the dingy.

On the dingy, lowered in the shadow of the ship, Fronto starts rowing aggressively to clear the Dasher.


A barrage of fire is unleashed upon the Dasher, and the bow of the ship starts on fire, soon followed by one of the ship's three masts. Fronto and Rosetta focus intently on getting as far from the Dasher (and the Sea Dragon) as they can -- and heading toward north, where Captain Andreas believed was land they spotted before the sun set.


As the PCs pull away from the Dasher, which is thankfully between them and the Sea Dragon, they hear a loud pounding emanating from the deck of the small ship. Pound! Pound! Pound! CRACK - CRASH!!!


Then... BOOOOM!!!!!


The Dasher EXPLODES in blue-violet flame that reaches beyond the boundaries of the ship and creates a hole into the sea! The outpouring of energy raises a wave that carries the dingy and Fronto and Rosetta for miles -- ultimately dropping the dingy and them onto the beach assumed to be their ultimate destination. They are dumped with their splintered dingy onto the shore, along with its assorted contents below:

Contents of the dinghy

Items free in the 14' dingy (vulnerable to water and loss)

2 wooden paddles; 66"

2 gallon bucket; wood, lined with paraffin

2 old wool blankets; 6' x 8' folded and tied with 10' of rope

2 leather canteens; 2 qt each, filled with water that tastes of leather

2 ceramic jugs; with corks, 1 gallon water each, not very fresh but okay

18' x 10' heavy canvas tarp with 1" brass grommets 1' apart along all edges.

Hemp rope strung through canvas tarp -- about 75' of medium (1/3") rope-cord.

hatchet axe; 4" x 6" head, 30" haft

Tied together with rope cord; 8'

4 lbs coals in small burlap sack, 12" x 18"

Iron small shield (old, a bit rusty and thin in places), 15" dia, leather straps

4 iron spikes, 6"h x 3/4" thick

Leather Satchel; 12" x 18" hasp tied shut with double knotted light (1/4") cord, 2'

40' ball of nettle-hemp cord (1/16")

twine, waxed -- ball, about 50'

burlap sack of paraffin chunks, 3 oz.; sack is 4" x 6"

dirk, 8" blade, 14" overall

Steel flask with 1 pint of clear spirit

1 basic injury kit

1 burlap sack, small 12" x 18"

1 burlap sack, large 18" x 24"

Small Box inside satchel; 3"h x 5" x 7"

6 sheets 8"x 10" of paper, folded in quarters; tucked in waxed paper envelope

2 pencils

2 pieces soap chalk

Mirror, silver 3" x 4"

5 fishhooks

3 heavy sewing needles

2 Candles, 6"

Iron Dutch Oven – a wide, shallow iron pot with lid and handle
10 qt. 15"dia. x 5"h; tied closed with rope cord, 3'

2' of 1/2" iron chain ending in 'S' hooks + 5" "S" hook

flint and steel in small burlap pouch, 4" x 6"

filet knife, 6” blade, 11" overall

sharpening stone

4 oz. vegetable oil

Shallow metal cup with handle 8 oz.

Wooden cup, 16 oz.

2 Wooden bowls, 16 oz.

2 Wooden spoons

Dried ginger wrapped in wax paper in a small pouch; 3 oz.

Jerked meat, 4 oz. wrapped in wax paper in small pouch; 4" x 6"

Salt, 1 oz. in small ceramic jar with cork

Bonus: handed to us by Captain Andreas as we left

Spyglass, brass wrapped in leather; 4” x 2.5” dia x 6"-16"

Compass, brass & enamel; 3' diameter

Steel pint flask, quality rum

ceramic knife (+3 damage, breaks on two 1s on three dice; +2 to crafting rolls)

Scroll tube; lacquered wood with steel caps -- 15"long; 2.5" diameter. Contains ocean and coast (Par Vollen, Rivain) map with estimated location marked with "X"





























































21 Nubulis 2024

Fronto's Journal

We secure our belongings and marvel at the destruction ... 

The dingy is broken into three distinct pieces, and many shattered planks.


The pair move inland from the beach and find a tall boulder to use as a perch/retreat as a caution against a possible tsunami wave. Rosetta creates a spring to provide fresh water which runs down the boulder toward the beach and out of sight. They hoist their many belongings up to the top of the not flat enough rock, and try to hole up for the night. No one is sure, but they might lay their heads down around 2am. Fronto and Rosetta do not set exactly formal watches, but they both have trouble sleeping due to the lumpy granite bed they have chosen for the evening and are counting at least a little on sleeping lightly in case of trouble.




on to our next adventure!






22 Nubulis 2024 -- Morning... beginning of "Rain, Rain, Go Away."