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I Want You To Save The Dam

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report covers:   17 November, 2139 to 6 December, 2139


17 November 2139


weather report:  clear skies, warm


     At Cuidad Kingman, the team visited Gantz again, during breakfast -- they had some more questions for him. He'd taken a bounty from the Paladins to bring one or more live members of the team to Juarez. Scotty made an offer of $250 for a Paladin brought to Santa Fe, to be held by Ricardo there.

     After that, the team returned to their camp and composed a letter to Ricardo, informing him of his part in the plan. They then spent a few hours installing a simple hose from the V150 to the horse trailer, to keep the "crew compartment" end from getting too hot. They then drove to Needles, with the water trailer and cargo trailer loaded as cargo inside the horse trailer, and the four members of the Movement riding in the crew compartment.

     At Needles, a Foundation fort watched the team drive by, and radioed information about the team.

     By the end of the day, the team camped near Las Vegas, Nevada.


18 November 2139


weather report:  clear skies, 98° F mid-day (so no, it wasn't 110° F)


     The team drove north into central Nevada, with no signs of any inhabitants or travelers for decades. By the end of the day they were at Scotty's Junction -- a couple of rusted-out mobile homes, and the ruins of a gas station and brothel, were the only signs of the town's existence.


19 November 2139


weather report:  clear skies, no wind, 97° F mid-day


     More traveling across the parched, hot mesas and dry lakes of central Nevada. At Tonopah, there were the carcasses of some dead armored trucks (sort of like Cartel trucks) and a Morrow Project TOW-armed V150. The battle in which they had all been engaged was fought some years ago, maybe a decade; the trucks and MP vehicle had all been thoroughly salvaged. The team recorded some serial numbers from the Morrow vehicle.

     The end of the day was spent near the city of Austin; there were the walls of many substantial brick and stone buildings there. The remains of US Highway 50 showed signs of use by various motor vehicles in the last few months.


20 November 2139


weather report:  clear skies, no wind, 85°F mid-day


     To Winnemucca.


21 November 2139


     To Blue Mountain.


22 November 2139


     To Turnbull Dry Lake.


23 November 2139


     This day the team passed quickly by Burns, headquarters and only town controlled by the Pale Riders. They took a prisoner, a 15-year old boy named Emil; after some questioning they handed him over to the Movement folk for rehabilitation. Passing through the town, a few gun-and-cannon shots were taken at the team.

     They camped west of Riley that night.


24 November 2139


     The team traveled to the ruins of Bend, and camped there. Plenty of clean water for washing! The weather was actually a little cool (in the low 60s F). In the evening, a Mountain Walker named Waldo approached their camp and had a friendly chat with them, passing on news of doings in the Lost Paradise.


25 November 2139


     Proceeding north, the team reached the Columbia River near the Sam Hill Bridge, and ended their day at The Dalles, having Thanksgiving with the River Folk there.


26 November 2139


weather report (Oregon City):  overcast, daily high 50° F; light rain at night.


     Back home to Oregon City! The team settled in to spend a week resting, recuperating, and repairing. It's Thanksgiving Day!


Take all skill checks.


3 December 2139


     After a week of cool weather (and some rain, usually at night or early morning), the team was ready to resume operations. With the tall radio mast available, and without living the campout commando life, Jesse got some more radio listening done.


  • Canadian commercial AM radio stations in Alberta and Saskatchewan, only faintly audible in the early evening. Mostly crop reports and very local news, all very un-entertaining in any case.

  • mysterious Pacific Ocean signals, probably off the California coast. The team seems to be building a consensus that the language is Indonesian.

  • shortwave radio from the DRA. Some of it is in Russian, probably "tactical" stuff, but they have a "commerical" English-language station at Astoria.

    • also some faint FM radio signals probably from the DRA, operating on four different channels between 36 and 46 megahertz (note to self:  frequency band is 30 to 80 megaherz, radio range is less than 10 km). Probably a radio on the other side of the coast range, operating at about 1 or 2 watts radiated power. Jesse wasn't able to make out any words or even language, just "brrt bzt brr bzzzt" noises that sounded like conversation.


  • CB radios used by the River Folk.

  • the Voice of America, broadcast from Africa in English

  • two other shortwave broadcasts from the United States, one in Kiswah and the other in Hausa. They have some English "channel ID" snippets every so often

  • a couple of other shortwave transmissions from the southeast, probably African, using some kind of teletype encoding


     There's more information available about the United States of America, mostly from the Daybreak News half-hour program every morning:


  • beef, chickens and swine all exist and are farmed in the United States

  • their flag has 54 stars

  • the Navy is building a third corvette; the "ceremonial flagship" is the USS Saipan

  • a description of a military training exercise included, "The Marine hovercraft came ashore and proceeded through the town's streets."

  • there is no mention of AIDS, but there are some diseases with names not known to Doc or the Project's computer


4 December 2139


weather report:  light winds from the west, overcast, mid-day high temperature in the 50°s F.


     The team drove to Newtown, along with Corinne and Vita. The community looked notably more organized and ... busy ... since the team's last visit. There are now eight 72-man quonset-hut style barracks around a drill field, along with an armory, sick bay, etc. Troops are a mix of Montanan refugees and Willamette valley refugees. A flag was seen, white with a pink camellia flower in the middle.

     Besides the Montanan refugees, there were a few members of the Harris clan present, clearly in good graces with the community.

     There was a tour of the town, and (starting around sunset) a big feast and fireworks show. The introduction of Princess Vita included Doc carrying the "Montanan state seal" on a pole. Speeches, toasts, and good-natured entertainment took up the evening. The Newtown militia was expected to overthrow the Baron of Jefferson. The four members of the Movement were set up to start a cloth mill.

     Two of the notable inhabitants:  Lord Banussels and Lord Dorwent, offered to provide guards and staff for Princess Vita. The team declined the guards, but accepted some "companions of her own age."


5 December 2139


weather report:  light winds from the northwest, overcast, mid-day high temperature 54° F.


     In the morning, there was a breakfast with three Harris clan members, some Montanan nobles, and some of the local "guild leaders". Afterwards, the team returned to Oregon City with Corinne and Princess Vita.

     Waiting for them was Regulator Thompson, of the United Combine government. He told the team that yesterday Ted and his gang of about a dozen men had occupied the River Mill Dam, about 30 kilometers east along the Clackamas River. Ted was threatening to destroy the dam (or at least the pumps and intakes) unless he was paid $1000 in gold. The dam provided the city's fresh water supply.

     After dropping off Vita and Corinne, the team drove to within a couple miles of the dam, where they met with some Oregon City militia members. The militia gave more information about the situation, and agreed to move cross-country to block the escape trail east of the dam. JJ was sent into the hillside south of the dam, to provide sniper support; the rest of the team crept in through the turbine hall at the base of the dam after dark.

     Creeping quietly upstairs, the team found four of Ted's men in the control room; two or three were outside, walking along the top of the dam, or on the building roof. After an initial burst of silenced gunfire, the Morrow team began clearing the building. Upstairs, in one of the bedrooms, Ted was found lurking -- he exchanged shots with three of the team members but was ultimately slain by Scotty.

     Except for some broken windows, there was no damage to the dam; Ted's bomb was a phony. The captured dam tenders were released, and the Oregon City militia showed up with the gang's horses. The Morrow Team spent the night at the dam.


6 December 2139


weather report:  light winds from the west, overcast, slight precipitation before dawn, mid-day temperature 53° F.


     The team returned to Oregon City just after dawn.


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