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Pulp Communications Skills

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base 05%

     This skill governs negotiation and compromise. Bargain is often (but not always) used to haggle over prices, but can be used whenever opposing opinions meet in negotiation.

     Bargaining is about compromise, use Fast Talk or Persuade to resolve arguments that are absolutely won or lost.


Fast Talk

base 5%

     The preferred weapon of salesmen, spies, or con artists, this skill represents the ability to charm, schmooze or cover up one’s transgressions with a speedily thought up excuse or lie. This skill convinces a target that what your character is telling them is true, or that he or she agrees with whatever your character is telling them. Fast Talk covers all of this as well as great deal of verbal dexterity, but what is most important is to be able to think on one’s feet to respond to the other person’s fears and suspicions in at least a remotely plausible manner.



base 5%

     In times gone by, a good insult was a prerequisite to any battle as no warrior worth his salt would deign to enter battle without severely insulting his enemies. A skilled insulter need not speak the language of the person he is insulting - body language and crude gestures can convey much. A Special insult roll can demoralize a foe. Of course, a taunted foe can resist using their own Insult skill - A skilled insulter should be able to take what he gets.



base 5%

     The skill addresses the use of authority, cajoling, duress, force of personality, and threats, to extract information from an unwilling subject in a contest of wills. It is not Torture.



base 5% + Charisma bonus

     This skill allows a character to effectively lead NPCs in complex tasks, both in and out of combat. It is also applicable to attempting to enhance the effectiveness of the troops or workers under his or her command.

     Use of the skill provides troops or workers under the characters direct command (up to POW x 3) with a bonus of half of the characters Leadership skill for whatever activity they are attempting. For example, if a character has the Leadership skill at 50%, a successful roll will enable the workers to complete their task with an effective skill bonus of 25%. However, this bonus may be reduced if the workers are attempting a task they are not familiar with or trained to complete.

     This skill can also be referred to as Command.



base 15% + average of Power and Charisma bonuses

     The tool of priests, lawyers, and politicians, this skill convinces a target that a particular idea or belief is right, correct, or otherwise acceptable. It can be used to make reluctant listeners take action or grant a request. Persuade attempts can employ Socratic logic, structured debate, fiery communications, empathy, or raw intimidation.

     As with Fast Talk, the truth of the matter has no bearing on the use of this skill. Unlike Fast Talk, the effects of successful persuasion last indefinitely, until a second Persuade attempt or undeniable circumstances batter down the target’s convictions.

     This can also be listed as Artist – Communications, Influence, or Exhort if the character uses the skill regularly as a means to generate income or control.


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