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Pulp Perception Skills

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base 05%

     A character may use this skill to evaluate another person’s character, emotional state, and motives based on body language, speech patterns, and other intangible factors. Insight allows a gambler to sense a bluff, or a detective to sniff out a lie.

     This skill may also be referred to as Detect Lie or Read Body Language.



base 25%

A product of keen ears and quick wits, this skill allows a character to hear, interpret, and understand sounds. Murmurs behind a closed door, furtive whispers, stealthy footfalls, and snapped twigs are all the kinds of things a successful Listen roll can notice and identify.



base 15%

     Sight and hearing are the most dominant human senses, but it is possible to perceive the world with the other three. Perception measures a character’s senses of Taste, Touch, and Smell; as well as his or her ability to notice or identify a given stimulus. In certain situations, Perception may also be used to detect or notice arcane influences or effects.

     At the direction of the GM, or at the players’ discretion, a single individual sense (Taste, Touch, and Smell) may be taken at 20%, with the other 2 senses starting at up to 15%.

     A high Perception skill allows a character to utilize more than just sight or sound when attempting to ascertain information about objects, places, persons, or events.



base 00%

     This is the skill used to attempt to open or break into a safe. The professional skills Security Systems and Locksmith may be used as complementary skills. Demolitions skill can often be of assistance as well.



base 00%

     This is a character’s ability to follow someone unobtrusively and to tell when they themselves are being followed. Typically used in urban environments, this skill can be used when on foot and in a vehicle. It represents a mix of training, a ‘sixth sense’ and good perceptive abilities. This skill can also be referred to as Tail or Spot Tail. Tradecraft can be used as a complementary skill.


Spot Hidden

base 25%

     The art of noticing details, this skill is used to search a room for potentially important details, find a hidden compartment, notice a fleeting detail or inconspicuous clue, recognize a disguised foe, or spot enemies lying in ambush. Spot Hidden cannot be used in complete darkness.



base 00%

     With this skill a character can locate and identify the tracks of specific persons or animals. A successful roll allows the character to follow the animal or person that left them has passed out of sight. A subsequent roll may be required to continue to follow the trail once every 10 minutes that the character attempts to continue following the trail.


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