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Chapter 34




9:30 Dragon, 5th Day of Guardian


     Sextus, Malic, Tienan, and Reyla returned from confronting the Architect ... apparently quite a dramatic event.

     Eornan had a dream in which an owl flew to Mythalvhenan and dropped a pouch beside him;  he awoke immediately afterwards and found a pouch with a book and three acorns -- but no owl!

     Alpheus got a letter and an old Warden's ring; Landon received an odd old coin (apparently the Pignus Esse), a dragon badge, and two letters:


Erin's letter from Denerim

     She confirmed that Juvo Traditor had received the "A.B."; and added her interest in, and appreciation for, his seafood.


Juvo's note from Denerim (in Korcarian)

     "A fine and rare gift for you my boy. This Pignus Esse  has remained untouched over many hundreds of years. Handle it carefully. You must be the first to touch it. Then keep it with you, always."

     "Thanks again -- you don't know how much this means to us."



9:30 Dragon, 6th Day of Guardian


     Mid-morning, Warden-Commander Duncan, Bran and Eornan returned to Mythalvhenan from South Reach. The confrontation between Duncan and Malic was ... tense.

     Having finished learning some spells, Landon and Alpheus mastered them on the mountain-peak. Landon had some difficulty, and spent a couple of short periods with his memory gone.

     Eornan led several of us to a sacred elven grove near Moon Peak, and conducted a memorial service; he planted an acorn each for Mythrellen, Alicia, and Eriq.

     That night, the "Alamarri Pendant" was removed from Landon's chest, and cast into a pit.

     Sextus explained to each of us how to conduct the Warden Joining Ritual; we each had enough of the essential component to make three doses. We'd need to obtain a moderate amount of Darkspawn blood to complete the Joining elixir.


books scanned by Landon

     This is the list of books Landon spent "4 hours each" reading while at Mythalvhenan (besides the spell books he was studying).

Forgotten Legacies - Teventer's Hubris and the Loss of an Empire

Written in Olde King's Tongue in 1:80 by Yves Matond, an Alamarri scholar
10” x 8” x 2” – 2.5 lbs. – in very poor condition due to age.
Details the early Tevinter conquest of the southern lands and the destruction of a fledgling Kortkari state.

On Combustibles and Corrosives

Written in King's Tongue; 10” x 12” x 3" - 3 lbs.
This book by a dwarven miner named Grundrak discusses the use of combustibles and corrosives for best effect. It contains the formulae for both acid flasks and fire bombs. Grundrak wrote it in the Trade Tongue, certain that humans needed its advice most of all.

Ortum et occasum Imperii via regia gradiemur

"The Rise and Fall of the Imperial Highway"
Written in Old Tevene (particularly difficult to read for a non native speaker); 15” x 10” x 1” – 3 lbs.
Dates from 1:10. Includes a number of wood cuts of the highway in its glory, the maps of its planned path, etc. It also tells of some possible reasons for its construction being ended.


9:30 Dragon, 7th Day of Guardian


     Duncan led Alistair, Bran, Landon, Alpheus, Eornan, Fi, Sorbrata, and Daniella to High Creek House, near Woevill. Bran wore a Warden tabard over his Templar armor.

     With our copy of the mercenary contract, and a supply of gold coins, we subverted the bann's army, led by Captain Macer, by buying out their contract.

     We explained that we'd like to ensure a continued good relationship with the "werewolves that talk." In addition, we suspected the bann of being an apostate mage. One hundred gold sovereigns overcame whatever remaining loyalty the captain possessed.

     Within half-an-hour, we were led into the Hall, to meet Bann Pyne Amrill. Our imposing presence certainly daunted the bann. 


     "We're buying out the contract with the captain and his men."


     Our possession of a copy of the contract made his position entirely untenable.

     Alpheus recognized the bann as being a former member of Kinloch Hold Circle Tower -- an instructor, Enchanter Alder, who was transferred to Starkhaven Circle Tower.


     "Perhaps they would welcome you back at the Starkhaven Circle Tower, Enchanter Alder. That is where you were heading when you left Kinloch Hold, wasn't it? Or, we could hand you over to the Templars."


     We demanded that he immediately resign his position and wealth, and depart with only a handful of stones, leaving Ferelden forever.


     "The arl will be made aware that you have left the bannorn."


     He claimed we would never be able to work the equipment; so we took a short trip over to the small mine tunnel. The mine itself mostly produced quartz; a complicated dwarven furnace, with lots of dials and levers, stood at hand. Amril/Alder showed how the furnace turned quartz into amethyst and citrine.

     Upon our return to High Creek House, we pressured Alder into opening a blood-keyed vault; and dictated a letter for him to sign, stating that the Black Hounds were innocent of any crimes.

     We decided to keep Alder at High Creek House for the night.


9:30 Dragon, 8th Day of Guardian


     Duncan led us all to South Reach. He and Daniella met Arl Bryland, provided proof of the Black Hounds' innocence, and had Daniella's status as Bann of Woevill confirmed. Landon looked over our book on bomb-making, and may have made some purchases:


Fire Bombs

     A type of grenade. The glass casing contains a combustible liquid saturated with fire crystals. Normal cost each, complete, 2 gold sovereigns; the components cost 40 silver per grenade.

     The grenade is a missile weapon with a short range of 4 yards, and a long range of 8 yards. To use the grenade, prepare it with a Ready Action; if you don't throw it that same round, Bad Things can happen. Throwing the grenade is a Major Action, using a TN 11 Dexterity (Grenades) test, modified as the referee sees fit. Everyone within 2 yards radius takes damage of 3d6; the blast sets flammables within its attack radius ablaze, which is generally an ongoing minor (1d6) or moderate (2d6) hazard, but varies depending on the circumstances.

     Making a Fire Bomb requires (for a Journeyman in Poison Making talent) a advanced TN 15 Cunning (Poison Lore) test, with a threshold number of 10. Each attempt takes 4 hours, and requires (besides the components) equipment worth at least 1 gold coin (Our Heroes planned on using the laboratory at Honnleath). A success produces two grenades.

     Learning the recipe from a text (such as "On Combustibles and Corrosives") requires an advanced TN 13 Cunning (Poison Lore) test, with a threshold of 15. Each test requires a day of study.

     Landon doesn't have the Poison Making talent ... it might be easier to just buy some fire bombs.


     Bran received a letter from Honnleath.

     We chartered a coach to carry five of us to Redcliffe, and took some rooms in the Winterberry Inn.

     Duncan gave us our final instructions, including a stern admonition to keep in touch!


9:30 Dragon, 9th Day of Guardian


    Led by Alistair, Bran, Landon, Eornan and Alpheus boarded a chartered stage wagon, headed for Redcliffe. Fi and Sobrata stayed behind, to support and defend Daniella at Woevill.


9:30 Dragon, 10th Day of Guardian


     As our wagon rolled along the Imperial Highway, a band of brigands made an appearance! Landon fired off a Lightning spell from one window of the coach, and Alpheus (did something impressive, I don't remember what) from the other side. Cowed, the bandits fled.


9:30 Dragon, 11th Day of Guardian


    The stage wagon stopped on Lothering for a few hours, and Our Heroes tried to persuade the Revered Mother (and Knight-Corporal Gray of the Templars) that preparations should be made for the oncoming Blight. Bran provided the Revered Mother with 10 sovereigns to assist refugees.


9:30 Dragon, 13th Day of Guardian


    We arrived at Redcliffe, late in the day. Landon and Alpheus each had 30 hours of reading accomplished while riding the coach ... Landon has just finished learning Spell Wisp!


The group receives 300 Experience Points.


On to the next adventure!

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