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Edgehall Part IV

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Chapter 38

Edgehall, Part IV



9:30 Dragon, 29th Day of Guardian


     Weather:  the storm passed through; in the evening it was cold but clear.

     Alistair and four Orlesian chevaliers set out as scouts in the afternoon; Eornan also conducted some scouting. By 8 p.m. one of Alistair's chevaliers, Peter, returned to Edgehall with information about the darkspawn horde:  they numbered about 3,000 total. 1600 of them were genlocks, 1000 were hurlocks, 400 were shrieks, and about 30 were ogres. Alistair could sense them at 150 yards or so.

     By 10 p.m., another of Alistair's scouts came in -- the horde was approaching through Iverson Pass, and would reach Edgehall about dawn. Another courier arrived at 11 p.m., with news that Alistair and the last Orlesian were staying about an hour and a half ahead of the darkspawn.


9:30 Dragon, 30th Day of Guardian


     Weather: by 3 a.m., intermittent clouds rolled up from the south, and brought heavy rain. The ground was wet and muddy. 

     At 5 a.m., Alistair and a chevalier galloped into Edgehall.


military status

     Your current forces consist of 1,950 men:


  • 900 Orlesians (780 mercenaries, 120 Chevaliers)

  • 1,000 Fereldans

  • it is yet to be determined whether you have Alora's 150 elves to count among your forces


     Ultimately due to reconsolidation, the Edgehall forces will have a TN of 11 (up from TN 10)


Stage #1 - Scouting, Harassment and Interdiction


     Without Alora's people you will have no Stage 1 specialists. Your forces did a pretty good job of killing off the majority of Corbin's scouts -- yeah, they might have surrendered ... but since that winnowing was handled mostly by Alora's people, there were few Orlesians given the chance to give up).


Stage #2 - Assault and Battle


     You rebuild your healing supply as best as you are able. The new force is even larger and requires more support of course. The fact that you do not have to port your provisions (in a thousand tiny bottles) makes bulk healing potions more practical. The more significant limit now is on lyrium and lyrium potions. Once your production is finalized, you have 6 lesser lyrium potions between Landon and Alpheus. Julien has one 'regular' Lyrium potion and one lesser potion of his own.


  • +1 for combined healing preparations and mages (there are three of you mages now including Julien)
  • +1 for Corbin's heavy infantry (reallocating the equipment from the fallen Monkeys to Ferelden's troops, helps to replace Corbin's 300 better armed men that were lost to the Fereldens)


Stage #3 - Pursuit, Escape and Final Conflict


  • +1 for the Chevaliers
  • Alora's people [Rangers] would count as another set of Stage 3 specialists for an additional +1 ... if you can convince them to stay.


Other variables:


  • +1 for Edgehall fortification
  • ?? Ferelden weather (likely to favor Edgehall, as no matter what happens you will have less mud to stand in, at least for the first stage).
  • +/- Morale: Darkspawn can be stupid, but they are fearless. How well the Edgehall people fight will be influenced by their confidence in their leaders, the Wardens (to which they are predisposed positively to especially now with darkspawn on the way) and themselves. Any decent motivational speeches could help -- particularly from the Senior Grey Warden....


possible spread of darkspawn forces from bann Kail's hall -- less than 20 miles from Edgehall


     The men were roused, given a quick breakfast (not much more than some bread and soup), and gathered in the rain to hear Alistair give a rousing speech.

“To all assembled – countrymen and allies. Listen up. The enemy is now but only a couple hours away.


“We all know what is coming. It is time to steady your nerves. Darkspawn are scary – but killable. See it. Know it. I’ve killed many before and will take down many more before the Blight is over.


 “As ugly, smelly, loud and horrible as they are – Genlocks, the little guys, are not that tough, but their numbers mean they could wear down the tougher soldiers. Leave the Hurlocks – the big ones, like a towering human – to the formal-trained warriors. Help us with the Genlocks and you can turn the tide of battle on the field – and live to see the end of it and your homes and families again. There are also Darkspawn called Shrieks… they make a terrible screaming sound, are very fast, spikey and vicious. Do not engage them. Again, leave them to the knights and the guys who hired on for this fight. Finally – Ogres. If we see one (or more) you are to stay clear of them. You’ll know him, an Ogre stands about 20’ high or taller and has a very unpleasant habit of regenerating (shiver).


“I have the deepest respect for every last man and woman here. You are here to defend your homes, your families and Ferelden. It is what Fereldens do -- we stand for ourselves, and your willingness to step up speaks from the fiber that our countrymen are made of. I think with this strategy that we will both be able to defend our home and live to return to it. As a Warden I stand against the Blight. As a Ferelden, I stand with my country and its people. And as a man who walks the earth of Thedas, I will stand with my new Orlesian Allies that we all might defend against our common enemy and they may return to their home and warn their countrymen of the threat that has emerged that cares nothing of borders or politics. We will stand honorably by our new allies and after the battle; they will graciously leave our country and tell their fellow Orlesians back home what a steadfast people Fereldens are, but honorable, and that it is time to be allies, not enemies, as we all stand together against the Darkspawn and ultimately the Archdemon."



     A short time later, the darkspawn horde could be heard approaching!

     The most important melee during the initial fight was an attempt by some ogres and hurlocks to breach the newly-repaired wall. The ogres were slain, and our weakness was not revealed to the horde.

     There was no time to rest after repelling the ogres -- a group of Orlesian cavalry, including their commander, were in danger of being cut off and destroyed in the snowy, muddy fields. Our Heroes and some Ferelden warriers sortied from the main gate, and destroyed dozens of genlocks, hurlocks and an emissary.


     This engagement saved the Orlesians, and by now the tide of battle had changed in our favor. As our best fighters eliminated the leaders and tougher darkspawn, the bulk of their forces were left undirected. Still unwilling to surrender or flee, of course -- but our Ferelden warriors and Orlesian militia could bring them down.

     One group, at least, of darkspawn attempted to flee -- an enormous beast named Claw, with an iron hook replacing one hand. He was defended by a pack of ferocious guards -- but they were all slaughtered in less than a minute! Duncan finally appeared, having followed the darkspawn horde to Edgehall.


Injuries Collected and Treated
Alistair  Incapacitated Left Arm (treated successfully)
Bran Deafened, Incapacitated Left Arm, Incapacitated Right Leg   (all treated successfully)
Eornan Deafened(?)
Landon Incapacitated Right Arm (still needs attention of a Master Chirurgeon)


     Victory! And while there had been some casualties among the castle's defenders, they were less than one in a hundred of the men.

     Destroying darkspawn corpses safely, conducting funerals for the humans, healing the sick, and chasing down the last darkspawn stragglers looked to fill the rest of the day. Travis was a great help for Our Heroes, at least. Bran, Alistair and Sir Corbin issued commands; Duncan ate a huge meal and then slept -- he'd been after the horde for a day or two, without much food.

     In the evening, there was a feast and victory celebration. In the night, Duncan slipped out of the castle with some elves, to prowl the countryside.

Today is Alistair's Name Day, he turned 20 today.


9:30 Dragon, 1st Day of Draconis



     It was Alistair's nameday! We raised a glass to the young Warden at breakfast. Our Heroes heard of the state of affairs from Duncan.

     Before noon, a Dalish elf arrived at the castle, to see Bran, Eornan and Alpheus. He was Malvelan, a warrior of Alora's band; sent by her, in fact, with a prisoner -- Mads Ovedotten - a female Avvar warrior of Sun Hawk Hold. She was somewhat beat-up, bruised and wounded, and very angry. She'd been found trespassing in Alora's secret pass over the Frostback Mountains. Alora had decided the woman had information Our Heroes might need, and had ordered Malvelan to deliver her to us. Neither Malvelan nor Mads had enjoyed the trip to Edgehall.

     After she was untied and given some food, we questioned her. Her village had been destroyed by the van Erald clan. A member of that clan, Torin ar Moldand - aka 'Torin Dragon Hide' -- hane of Whitelion Hold -- had been terrorizing the highest reaches of the Frostbacks for many years, enslaving many Avvar. He may also have captured Bran's sister, Linette; her beloved, Olas of Corbinden, may have been taken prisoner.

     Bran asked Duncan if there was time to look into this problem -- and surprisingly, Duncan said yes! Possibly victory was a sweet elixir to his spirits. He warned us all to be back at Ostagar in three weeks.

     We packed our saddlebags, although this was hard for Landon, since his arm remained in a sling, un-healed. Weapons were found for Mads to carry.


+3500 experience points


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