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1889 Pretorius

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Prof. Septimus Pretorius


Professor Pretorius was removed from his post at Universit├Ąt Leipzig ten years ago for advocating shocking and unacceptable ideas (or, in his terms, "knowing too much"). After the terrible incident in Goldstadt five years ago, he has decided that working with dead flesh is not worth the candle -- machines are more powerful and obedient. If only a machine controlled directly by a human mind could be created! He feels that his work for Mr. Richardson is a waste of time and scientific opportunity; but money is of course needed.


Small-minded, petty or irrational men have sometimes opposed Pretorius; but the advance of science cannot be long delayed!


His laboratory is a sturdy brick building in Manhattan; he has been working there since 1888. As a weapon, he keeps a S&W New Model No. 3 handy.


Appearance: 6' tall, gaunt, shock of white hair, old-fashioned clothing. Born 1842.




10 STR (0), 11 DEX (3), 10 CON (0), 10 BOD (0), 20 INT (10), 14 EGO (8), 20 PRE (10), 10 COM (0)

2 PD (2/0), 2 ED (2/0), 3 SPD (2.1/9), 4 REC (4/0), 20 END (20/0), 20 STUN (20/0) = 40 points



Automaton (29), Escape Flier (5) = 34 points



Electronics, 12- (5); Inventor, 17- (7); Language: English, fluent (4); Mechanics, 12- (5); Sciences: Medicine, 16-; Cybernetics, 16-; Pharmacology, 14- (16); Transport Fam: Riding, Wagon, Aerial Flier (3); Weapon Fam: pistols (1) = 41 points



Age 40+ (5); Distinctive Features, easily concealed (5); Watched by concerned, moral scientists, 8- (5); Psychological Limit: rationalist -- "science and reason" more important than nationality or "common" sentiments about humanity (10); bad Reputation among scientists, 8- (5); Professional rivalry with Frank Reade Jr.* (10) = 40 points



Stats 40 + Equipment 34 + Skills 41 = 115 points; - 40 Disads - 0 EXP spent = 75 Base


  • Frank Reade Jr. is young, rich, famous, handsome, and charming; he is also a thorough American chauvinist. He is a polylinguist and a wonderful inventor, with a brilliant mind capable of scientific advancements, but he is egotistical, an unashamed imperialist, and a moral hypocrite; he can, in the same sentence, express an aversion for taking human life but also say "to send the black craft and her (pirate) crew to the bottom of the sea could be no crime." Some of his inventions are seen at http://www.bigredhair.com/airships/index.html ; he rarely uses the same vehicle, weapon, or other invention twice.

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