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Blix Pitchblende

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Blix is the last in the line of  the Pitchblende familiy. A line cursed with by the repeated reappearence of the "ancestral daggers"

known as the "serpent with two tounges" which apperently causes a member of the family to experience a series of

strangely coincidental events in that person's life invariably driving him  into exile, taking the acursed cutlery with him.

While the serpents invaraibly return, the  unfortunate Pitchblende brother usually does not.

This Pitchplende, however is different. Being intensely curious in nature, He welcomes the opportunity to go out

and see the world , together with his childhoold playmate Pim and conincidentally? the heir to the recently overthrown mofone


    Blix now has what he considers to be a new "band" or "tribe"  what he would call in his native langage  "raiding brothers"

in the form of Bruno's band of adventurers. Blix is intensely loyal to his band, as they have taken him in , educated him

and shown him many wonderous things, as well as having shown admirable loyalty and trustworthiness themselves.

    Soaking up this precious knowledge like a thirsty desert palm, He can now read and speak in several languages,

and has taken to seriously studying alchemy and verminology.

    Blix is skilled at the traditional arts one would expect from a mofone raider,  such as riding, archery, climbing, some acrobatics,

burning and pillaging, and the mysterious art of Mo-Fu.

(a little known martial art system generally regarded as a cultural secret among Mofone)

He has a worrysome, general predisposition to the taking of unnecessary risks

(This undoubtedly comes from the cultural idiosyncrasy that  being witnessed  getting away with "bold"  even foolish  deeds -even if by blind luck, 

is the best path to improved status in Mofone culture)



Str: 15   Con: 13  Int: 15  Pow: 11   Dex: 18  Cha: 9   Handedness: Left

Wis: 13  Ego: 12 

Exp Bonus 9%  Attack Bonus 20 %  paryy Bonus 15 %

HP Bonus 0 Damage Bonus 0 Defense Bonus 35 %


Favored main combat weapon : Hooked Naginata w/ good balance and lesser true blade 2d6 + 3 in slash mode

Skill 70






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