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CoC Clay 1932

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Wednesday, 16 March, 1932


     Carl Ellis called Clay Morrison at his Washington, D.C. offices. Long time no hear! Mr. Ellis and Rep. Morrison agreed to meet the next day in New York City, at the Drake Hotel. Mr. Morrison was asked to look into the Penthus Corporation, a holding company that may have been "up to no good."


Thursday, 17 March, 1932


     Mr. Morrison traveled to NYC by train, took a room at the Drake Hotel, and visited Mr. Ellis. Present were:


  • Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, and their son Robert (age less than six months)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Mueller

  • Boris Valenko

  • Roxanne, girlfriend to Boris

  • Redland Jack

  • Auda


     After introductions and social chit-chat, they got down to business over sandwiches and drinks. The main topic of discussion was the Penthus Corporation. They owned farms, oil fields, chemical companies, warehouses, theaters, motion picture distribution firms, and much other stuff. Some of their technical staff (at least) were former NWI employees, and brought strange technology with them. Mr. Ellis believed that Penthus would use a terrible Event in the near future (a rift in space-time over New York City) to convince hundreds of millions of persons, perhaps a billion persons -- half the population of the Earth -- to sacrifice themselves. The "negotiated future" Record in Tibet was Mr. Ellis's main source of information on Penthus's plan, until recently.

     First to be sacrificed would be prisoners, inmates of asylums, and other "undesirables" -- as of December 31st, 1931 there were 137,516 persons in prisons (state, Federal, and local) within the United States. On the same date, 305,315 persons were patients in state asylums for mental disease, and 76,535 persons in state institutions for epileptics and the feeble-minded. Private asylums held nearly as many -- to approximate, there were about 800,000 "undesirables" in the United States. If half of the residents of the United States were to be sacrificed, that was 61.5 million persons, of which just over 1% would be "undesirables." Enormous death camps would be set up, for the sacrifices to be herded into, and where they would be devoured or otherwise destroyed by evil entities, supernatural or otherwise. If the best interpretation of Penthus's plan was to be believed, the supernatural entities would be sated, and the Time of Miracles would proceed without further cataclysms.

     How Penthus learned of the pending disasters, how they developed their plan, what technology was used to predict and control the events, who they actually were, etc. was not firmly established. Mr. Ellis had been in discussions with their board of directors, which seems disturbingly businesslike about this halving of the Earth's population. How every other person on the Earth would be convinced of the need for their death -- as opposed to, say, the death of more "undesirable" foreigners, or ethnic groups -- is not clear. Or how to prevent the choice being "Let's give them Germany (population almost exactly half that of the United States)."

     In addition, the Soviet Union was destroyed essentially overnight on January 10th, 1932 ... a scheme by Alexei Vishnaveshki to restore the Romanov dynasty may have succeeded all too well! A ritual that drained the life force from everyone in Russia who did not "love Mother Russia" seems to have been the cause (although diplomats may have been immune). More information was needed! Why the Poles, Finns, Japanese, Turks, etc. had not moved into the depopulated former nation is not clear. Radio broadcasts ceased, international communication ended, and the borders were unguarded. The few foreign embassies still present in Moscow had sent some very strange descriptions of the conditions.


Friday, 18 March, 1932


     Rep. Morrison introduced Auda and Mr. Ellis to Nikola Tesla at breakfast at the Hotel New Yorker. Mr. Tesla, fastidious and eccentric, impressed Mr. Ellis; Rep. Morrison later asked Mr. Tesla to look into reports of a "time-space rift" which may have been forming over Manhattan.

     Mr. Ellis's team met again with Congressman Morrison for lunch at the Drake Hotel, for more discussions of Penthus, etc. It seemed that the not-actually-murdered William Desmond Taylor (born William Deane-Tanner) may have brought his expertise with strange "mechanical manipulations" of occult forces from NWI to Penthus. He more recently had been using the name Richard Sands.

     The team was offered the use of Rep. Morrison's private (leased, actually) railway car for their trip to Los Angeles.

     Clay Morrison spent the rest of the day visiting soup kitchens, Democratic politicians, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

     That evening, Mr. Ellis and company visited with the Fey, and made some arrangements.


China and Japan begin peace negotiatons.


Saturday, 19 March, 1932


     Attached to the Lackawanna Limited, the private railcar left Manhattan at 10 a.m., bound for Chicago and eventually Los Angeles. Rep. Morrison got off at Slateford Junction, Penn. about 12:30 pm, bound for Washington, and arrived there mid-afternoon.


Sunday, 20 March, 1932


     Carl Ellis's group arrived at Chicago's La Salle Street station (333 South Water Street), at 7:35 a.m.; the private car was moved across the city, attached to the Golden State Limited, and departed at 8:30 p.m.


The vernal equinox was this day, at 1:54 p.m. Central Standard Time.

The airship Graf Zeppelin arrived in South America.


Wednesday, 23 March, 1932


     The private coach arrived in Los Angeles at Union Station, on time at 9:30 a.m.


June 1932


     A lab was set up in Brooklyn for Tesla to work in; but it proved difficult to get him to travel out of Manhattan.


Saturday, 23 July 1932


     Clay sent a letter to the Gathering.


Friday, 29 July 1932


     After trying for weeks to get Tesla to come into the lab in Brooklyn, Clay's team set up a lab on the 81st through 86th floors of the Empire State Building, and built a replica of Tesla's rooms at the Hotel Governor Clinton.


top of the Empire State Building


     The building had backup generators, large power conduits (for the transmitters on the spire), and cheap rents (only about $20,000 for a whole floor for a year). Plus, it was probably closer to whatever terrible trouble would happen in October.


August - September, 1932


     Clay and his crew of engineers worked around the clock to build Tesla's "death ray". A working prototype was demonstrated in late August; work began on the full-size version immediately.


Wednesday, 19 October, 1932


     The Incursion -- malign alien forces attempt to warp Manhattan into a base or anchor for their eventual conquest of the Earth.



     Clay was at the top of the Empire State Building, and pulled the lever which fired off the Death Ray.


The Protective Ray, seen from across the East River near the Queensboro Bridge


     The vortex forming in Central Park was destroyed!


Thursday, 20 October, 1932


     Clay attends some memorial services.

     Various reporters interview Clay regarding Tesla's Protective Ray.

     Clay Morrison meets briefly with Governor Roosevelt.

     Andrew Scott sets up a meeting in Manhattan between Clay Morrison and Marcus Dubceck, president of the Penthus Corporation.


Friday, 21 October, 1932


     Clay surveys damage in Manhattan, and visits Father Divine's International Peace Mission Church in Harlem.


Saturday, 22 October, 1932


     Clay has dinner with Governor Roosevelt.


Sunday, 23 October, 1932


     Clay Morrison travels to Washington, D.C., to check in with his office staff.


Monday 24 October, 1932


     Clay Morrison sets out by train for his home in Carson City, Nevada.


Saturday, 29 October, 1932


     Clay Morrison arrives home, and resumes his electioneering.


Tuesday, 8 November, 1932


     Elections for President and Congress. As a Democrat and Manhattan-savin' hero, Clay's probably good for this.


Monday, 28 November, 1932


     Clay leaves Nevada for Washington, D.C.


Monday, 5 December, 1932


     The second session (the lame-duck session) of the 72nd Congress convenes. The main action taken was at about 22 December: the rejection of the Lausanne Conference plan, which would have reduced the amount of war reparations owed by defeated countries, and also would have reduced the war debt owed by allied countries to the United States. This rejection led to a collapse of any payments of debts or reparations. President Hoover (or Curtis) addressed Congress on 6 December and 19 December, making clear his views in favor of debt cancellation. Part of the Democratic Party platform, back in July at the convention, read:  "We oppose cancelation of the debts owing to the United States by foreign nations."


     Also:  another Veterans' March on Washington. Historically, smaller and less troublesome than the March back in the summer.  Record snowfalls might account for the low turnout ... biggest snowfall ever in D.C. was 12" on December 17th.


     On December 6, 1932, Senator John Blaine of Wisconsin submitted a resolution to Congress proposing the submission to the states of the Twenty-First Amendment, which would annul the Eighteenth. Two months later, on February 21, 1933, the amendment was sent to the state governors.

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