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DG R Cell Timeline

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Timeline for R Cell



3/29/99: Billy Ray Spivey (BRS) goes missing in the evening

3/30/99: BRS reported missing by his parents to the White County sheriff

3/31/99: BRS returns to his parents house in the evening

4/1/99: parents of BRS report his return to sheriff, have him examined by doctor

4/3/99: BRS kills his father, robs Sinclair station of $65, steals car, and flees Groversville.

4/4/99: BRS robs a convenience store in Scottsboro, AL

4/5/99: BRS robs a pharmacy in Rome, GA; later in the day, a gas station in Cleveland, TN; steals a different car

4/6/99: BRS kills a gas station/convenience store clerk in Sweetwater, TN

4/7/99: BRS crashes car over embankment and through security fence at Oak Ridge National Laboratory; is shot 6 times by Dept. of Energy security forces, and taken into custody. He goes through surgery at the UTenn Memorial Hospital in Knoxville.

4/8/99: BRS transferred to Federal custody, flown to Nashville on medical helicopter, and placed in prison ward at Metropolitan Bordeaux Hospital. Test results begin making his 'differences' notable.

4/10/99: Some Agents informed of their assignment to Nashville.

4/11/99: remaining Agents are informed of their assignment in Nashville; first player characters arrive in Nashville. Rich Spivey buried.

4/12/99: all Agents in Nashville, meet with James Derringer at Federal Building midday, and visit BRS in hospital that afternoon. By sunset AMRIID takes custody of BRS.

4/13/99: the Agents examine county report logs from adjacent areas, on the way to White county. There, they speak with the sherrif and Dr. Green after lunch. Young and Hamilton return to Nashville for more equipment, which they bring back to Groversville.

4/14/99: (Wednesday) SA Young is noticed to be missing at 7:00 a.m., and the White County sherrif is alerted. Young wakes up about an hour later, in his bed -- naked and "altered." During the investigation of his disappearance, the presence of Jane Allen, and the body of Scott Adams, are revealed. As the morning passes, fear and paranoia escalate -- a strange 'blob' escapes from Adams' body, and communications suffer inexplicable interruptions. Agents Lavine and Peltier take off on foot into the hills east of Groversville, while SFC Hamilton and SA Young remain behind, to become captives of ... "them."

4/16/99: the "Groversville Flu"" epidemic is announced. That morning, USAMRIID and CDC teams move into Groversville, as hundreds of people fall sick. A tight quarantine is placed on White County, enforced by state and federal authorities.

4/17/99: The first deaths from "GF" are reported; widespread panic in Nashville and eastern Tennessee are spread by sensationalistic media attention.

4/18/99: SA Lavine and SA Peltier reach Nashville, and move on towards St. Louis; their travels are made more difficult by quarantine plans and massive transportation congestion.

4/19/99: SA Lavine and SA Peltier arrive in St. Louis, and locate Jason Eastley. SFC Hamilton and SA Young finish their work in White County, as the last deaths from the Groversville Flu are reported.

4/20/99: SFC Hamilton and SA Young travel to Nashville, arriving in the evening. That same night, SA Lavine approaches Jason Eastley at his home, and makes plans for another meeting the next day in LaClede’s Landing.

4/21/99: (Wednesday) SFC Hamilton and SA Young report to SAIC Derringer at the FBI in Nashville, and are 'cured' of their conditioning. Derringer tells them something of what 'we' fear about the Groversville Incident, and arranges for an initial medical examination of SA Young that evening.

4/24/99: (Saturday) two days of intensive hospital tests in Chicago for SA Young

4/29/99: results of the Neo-Tissue analysis available.

5/99: the Investigators return to their normal lives, more or less.

9/3/99: DG first hears about strange doings in King County, WA (Seattle area).

9/4/99: R Cell is activated, and travels to Seattle; King’s County AME Joan Hardiman is kidnapped from her office.

9/5/99: R Cell surprises several intruders at Hardiman's house, and kills them in a gun battle. A tape recording of an autopsy conducted on 9/2/99 is recovered; nasty worm-like organisms recovered from the intruders apparently match the thing described in the autopsy. An AMRIID team on a "training" exercise is despatched to isolate and examine the worms.

9/6/99: AME Hardiman calls 911 from a pay phone at a highway rest stop southwest of the Olympic Nat’l Forest. Police, paramedics and the Agents arrive, but Hardiman dies of self-inflicted wounds to her torso. Another worm is recovered from her corpse. The agents led local law enforcement to a nearby abandoned spa/resort, but found it abandoned -- within the last hour. It is estimated that as many as 40 people have been living there, for quite a few years. The Agents suspect that 'something' swam off through a drain in the swimming pool, down into the Sound.

9/15/99: The Agents wrap up their Seattle operation, and return to their usual locations.

10/99: SFC Hamilton has Mob problems, transfers to Fort Belvoir

11/12/99: R cell is alerted about new mission.

11/13/99: R cell arrives in Phoenix, AZ.

11/14/99: R cell meets SAIC Patrick Hobbson of the FBI Phoenix office.

11/17/99: (Wednesday) R cell attempts to capture Santana at a cave in the Gila Mountains -- Sheriff Colorados is killed, and Santana escapes. The remains of three shamen, and the 'apprentice shaman', are found in the cave, along with a mysterious sphere. The cell members covertly remove the sphere, and return to the hotel to prepare for a massive manhunt to begin tomorrow morning.

11/18/99: (Thursday) Santana crashes through the window of DUSM Thomas's room at the Apache Gold hotel about 3 a.m., bent on recovering the sphere. Thomas's cell mates come to his aid, and a terrible fight ensues. By the end, Santana is dead of multiple gunshot wounds; SA Young is also dead, from two .357 slugs in the chest; DUSM Thomas and SA Levine are seriously injured; and SFC Hamilton is uninjured. As hotel guests, security, and the tribal police begin to gather, Hamilton places the sphere in one of the team vehicles, and advises the tribal police to treat the crime scene as a potential infection site. Santana's body is double-bagged. SA Levine is flown by helicopter to Phoenix, for removal of a bullet from her chest.

By the morning, the San Carlos Indian Reservation is the focus of national attention. Another DG cell shows up to take possession of the sphere, and also (unknown to SFC Hamilton) to look for SA Young's guest and cover up his odd 'infection'. Hamilton returns to Fort Dietrich, MD that evening on an Air Force transport with Santana's body.

11/19/99: (Friday) SA Hobbson, in charge of the Phoenix FBI office, provides the official summary of the case to the press.


"Emanuel Santana, an Army deserter, apparently committed a series of vicious murders since October 14th; evidence indicates he was also engaged in the production of methamphetamines somewhere in the Gila Mountains. The combined efforts of several state and Federal law enforcement agencies were employed to locate him, and succeeded in recovering the bodies of five of his victims. Careful police work identified a possible hideout on Wednesday. A combined force of local and Federal officers attempted to apprehend Santana that afternoon; tragically, Santana murdered Sheriff Colorados of the San Carlos Tribal Police, and evaded capture. Even as tribal, state, and Federal law enforcement began organising a massive manhunt to comb the reservation for Santana, he apparently stole a motor vehicle from a remote farm, and made his way to San Carlos. There he attacked Deputy Marshal Thomas, presumably in retaliation for law enforcement interference in his criminal activities. Other Federal officers in adjacent rooms heard the struggle, and immediately came to the assistance of Deputy Marshal Thomas. Santana was killed in a brutal fight, but unfortunately not before he caused the death of Special Agent Young, of the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the serious injuries of Special Agent Levine of the Secret Service and Deputy United States Marshal Thomas. The state police, various Federal agencies, and the San Carlos Tribal Police will continue to search for the missing remains of many of Santana's victims, and for other evidence in this case. There is no evidence that any person besides Santana was involved in the murders, however it is likely that he had criminal confederates involved in his narcotics operation. Finally, I must add that my sympathies, and those of all the law enforcement officers involved, go out to the families of Sheriff Colorados and Special Agent Young. The needless deaths of these fine men is a tragic reminder of the cost of illegal drugs to this country."


In answer to various questions about disease:

"Emanuel Santana may have been suffering from mental instability caused by the late stages of an anthrax infection. It is known that for many months, he had been stealing sheep from local farms for his own provisions, and the Begay family herd was apparently infected with an uncommon strain of anthrax. The CDC and other government health agencies are observing local herds for signs of infection; however, I am informed that this strain is rarely contagious, and Santana's consumption of uncooked meat is possibly the reason for his infection. A final autopsy report will be available in a few days, and may answer questions about any organic disorder Santana may have suffered from."


  • 23 NOV 99: (Tuesday) SA Young is buried in Salt Lake City, UT; the funeral is attended by hundreds of law enforcement officers, and attracts massive media attention.

  • 27 NOV 99: DUSM Thomas is released from hospital, with casts and walking traction gear, and returned to Montana.

  • 05 DEC 99: SA Levine is taken off intensive care. Still confined to a hospital, she no doubt wants to return to Washington, but is advised not to fly for two weeks.

  • 19 DEC 99: SA Levine is transferred to a Washington, DC area hospital.

  • 23 DEC 99: SA Levine is discharged from her hospital (though still with some follow-up medical visits scheduled, and regular steroid inhaler use for probably the next six months).

  • 28 DEC 99: SA Levine and DUSM Thomas presented with certificates, etc.; SFC Hamilton receives Army Commendation Medal.

  • 27 SEP 00: R Cell members Hamilton and Thomas are activated to investigate the "Atlanta Baptist" killings.

  • 28 SEP 00: Thomas and Hamilton arrive in Atlanta.

  • 30 SEP 00: R Cell investigates the Georgia State Militia, a right-wing group.

  • 01 OCT 00: Atlanta PD officer killed, GSM computer stolen, chase in downtown Atlanta; a nurse is kidnapped; the Johnson family farm stormed by police; Porterville trailer park attacked; R Cell heads to safe house in Fort Benning, interrogates prisoners.

  • 02 OCT 00: Thomas enters the GSM compound, Hamilton watches from a distance; a GBI team is also within a couple of miles. While Thomas talks to the kidnapped nurse, Hamilton and the police encounter the van ... and some Fire Vampires. 8 policemen are killed, along with one of the two persons in the van. Hamilton is evacuated with second degree burns.

  • 03 OCT 00: R cell is taken off the case, having essentially "solved" it; another cell is assigned for coverup and recovery of texts, etc.


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