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Episode 1 - Meetings In Tyre

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On 2 Tember 858 CU, a small caravan of wagons and horsemen arrived at Norley Corfinn's cottage in the Sun Forest. Among the travellers was Cenn, a smith and newly-anointed Garan, and a Garanjeen named Helmmond; Helmmond had brought Cenn to this rustic location to begin his training in the ways of Herrahn.

The next day, the caravan departed for Tyre, arriving there in the evening of the 4th; Cenn settled in at the local temple of Herrahn. On the next day, he visited the sister of his deceased master, and provided her with Tor's ashes and personal effects.

After a few days, Norley travelled down to Tyre himself, for his usual bi-weekly visit; he was contacted by the Herrahn priest Kesbutu Curtis and asked to accompany Cenn on a "cult errand" to Nordholm in a few days. To accomplish this task, Cenn and Norley were to travel as guards for a merchant, Adriano Barnes; on the 10th of Tember they met Master Barnes at his waterfront office, and were introduced to Donni, an anonymous-looking fellow of some talent. Barnes briefed them on the upcoming trip, and promised normal "Steel Brotherhood" rates of pay.

Donni invited Norley and Cenn to his home for dinner; and that evening the three of them discussed the possible dangers of the upcoming trip. Donni, wise to the ways of urban wickedness, detected and captured a sneaking, spying young man named Bassely at the window; when questioned, the youth eventually confessed to working for the "Long Sashes", an undercloaking gang subservient to the local Thievery Guild. Specifically, he was told to spy on Donni's home by one Jessie, a valley fem of some spite and guile.

Bassely was released with threats and instructions; Norley and Cenn decided to stay at Donni's home for the night.




on to ... the next adventure!

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