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Falkenstein Lincolnshire Handicap

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The Great Lincolnshire Handicap




A Race Is Announced,

to be Run for a Magnificent Prize Cup

By a Field of Varied Entrants

Over a Course of More Than A Hundred Miles.



Starting August the 5th in Boston, the race is expected to End August the 6th at Grantham. It is to be run over a road course of 104 miles, with the following handicaps:


-- Pedestrians, 20 hours

-- Horses and other animals, ridden by one or more persons, or drawing a carriage or other wagon containing one or more persons, 14 hours

-- Bicycles and other man-powered vehicles, carrying one or more persons, 5 hours

-- Motorized one- or two-wheeled cycles, carrying one or more persons, 3 hours 15 minutes

-- Other motor vehicles carrying one or more persons, 3 hours


The race will begin at 4 p.m. on August the 5th, with the start of the pedestrian field; the horses will be started at 10 p.m. that evening; the bicyles at 7 a.m. on the August the 6th; motorized cycles at 8:45 a.m.; and other motor vehicles at 9 a.m..


Each contestant must past, with his vehicle or animal, over the starting line, each of the eight way points, and the finish line, all in proper order; there is no requirement, however, to hold any particular course between way points. A penalty of one minute shall be applied to any competitor jumping the start. Entrants must begin the race from a standing start, although the motors or other engines of mechanical vehicles may be running. Finishes after 10 p.m. on August the 6th will not be recorded; the Prize Cup will go unawarded if no contestant finishes by that time.


The Race Committee have made provisions for light refreshments, medical aid, watering-troughs and hoses at the way points, but each competitor is responsible for the safe keeping of his machines, animals, fuel, food, lubricants, and spare parts or tools. Competitors may not receive any outside assistance during the race, except pushers during the start; the "spirit of the event" forbids reliance upon the use of magic or external aids to a contestant's progress.


More than one person may travel upon a vehicle or animal (but no person may travel upon a vehicle or animal who was not present aboard the vehicle or animal when starting the race), and participants may take up supplies and food at their pleasure. The class of motor-cycles is intended to be those vehicles, mechanically propelled, which must be balanced by the riders or a gyroscope when under way. Every competitor whose machine becomes broken or disabled shall endeavour to remove it from the course. Neither mounts, machines nor drivers may be substituted during the course of the race. Competitors guilty of conduct which the officials consider careless, dishonest, or illegal, maybe punished by time penalty or disqualification.


Any vehicle fitted with a motor at any time during the race will be handicapped within the appropriate class, even though the motor fail, break, or not be engaged.


No special consideration or provision will be made for removing livestock from the course. The course may not be prepared or tampered with in any way by entrants or persons acting on their behalf, before or during the race. Contestants may not travel on or along the metals, rights-of-way, tunnels, bridges etc. of any railway; nor in any lake, river or body of water; except in either case to traverse such features.


The Race Committee have appointed a Steward to oversee the conduct of the racing. The judge, marshals, and starter shall manage the race under his supervision. Protests must be submitted to the Steward in writing. Appeals may be made to the RAC. All entries must be submitted to the Steward before midnight of August the 1st. The winner shall retain possession of the Trophy Cup until the next such event, and will be responsible for the safety of the Trophy.


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