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Fort At Wyvern Mountain Notes

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Several People You Meet Beyond The Pale

 Aftermath of the Battle of Wyvern Fort Staging Area


I’m assuming that you:

  1. separate the prisoners, do a pat-down search, separate them from their goodies (Sgt. Crick will strongly suggest that each person have a separate pile for their stuff - "It’s sounding like some of these folk might-ways be friends if we treat ‘em right, so we’d not want to go pilferin’ right off, and we’d want to be able to give our new Chums their own back. Anyway, one of the cleaver lads or lasses can also look over their piles and get a hint that their truthful…or not")
  2. use the folks that Estaya identifies as "friendlies" for corroboration of individual stories as well as an additional security element (armed but watched by a few of your own). The names you will get will be from them, as well as cross-corroboration other Mercs and Elementalists; and
  3. run up a detect Magic Spell or several over the goods and folks. More might be found by those making some good Spot Hidden Rolls (or even with simply successful Spot Hidden rolls allied with a successful Concealment roll).


The Dead


  • Maynard- a mature male Wyvern, SIZ 34. Cause of Death: lighting bolts as well as XHCB & Clothyard arrows.


  • Zummi- ForMal, Lt. teens, blond/ brown. SIZ 14 (lanky) (was) real good looking. Looks (by his gear, clothes, calluses, etc) to have been Landsfolk Caste. Cause of Death: XHCB Arrows, Lighting Bolts, or a 15M fall- take your pick. “Air Superiority Grey” Curbiolli armor over leather. Short spear, Bushwacker shortsword, bag o’ 10 wardarts, atlatl, small flapped leather belt pouch filled w/ aprox. 500 ml. of a thick brown paste P-149 Smells of resin and sorta pine-y., S- 20 a largish black leather, waterproof Scrolltube with and obvious Anti-tamper Seal- does not detect as magical, medium sized wallet- has S- 22- Pocket Book sized work of good quality hemp bound w/ fine dark leather, with the words “Elma Nguyen” in Tar’rani script, a small purse w/ new-ish tamper evident “Screamer” re-usable seal (18L, 10S, 2D). Right ring finger has GJ 135- a copper ring w/ various arcane sigils incised into it.


  •  Leading Sgt. Muggles Cram (RA Tenth Legion (ret.)). HillMal, lt. 50’s, dark-tanned skin, hair- high & tight brown w/ grey, eyes hazel, SIZ 15. Overall, a Martial Caste Jommjeen of grizzled, tough & sinwy appearance. Cause of Death: Cadmus’ and/or Bruno’s blades. Improved Open Helm (AR 26), Plate- Cuirass (AR 27), tassets, greeves & right vambrace, left vambrace is curbiolli. All covered with Siege/Winter Bush pattern camo. Someone with Armoring or Smithing skill (or similar Lore) may make a skill roll. Slightly broken RA pattern Heater, MW 83- a Kingdom pattern bastardsword of reddish merrick steel carved w/ a pair of Arcane Runes, has black Kingdom Pattern guards & grip of silvery wire, pommel is of grey metal, and shaped to look like the head of an old bearded man of uncertain race w/ long, shaggy, very tight ringlets, belt has nice black sheath, small Field Medical Kit, medium wallet, and medium purse w/ well-used tamper evident “Screamer” re-usable seal (10L, 36S, 1D).


  • Capt. Josef Kaltwell (RA Tenth Legion (ret.)) TyrMal late 20’s (Steel & Sapphire) SIZ 17. Overall goods, grooming, and gear gives an appearance of a certain elegance and tendency to display verging on the ostentatious for a Martial Caste Tyr. Cause of Death: various forms of penetrative, blunt, and electrical trauma. Dressed in traveling leathers/ arming clothes. A very fancy belt w/ matching scabbard for a bastard sword, a large dagger (still in its matching sheath), and a matching loop hanger with a finely made horseman’s mace hanging in it. A large wallet, and a medium purse w/ well-used tamper evident “Screamer” re-usable seal (19L, 50S, 1D, & 1shiny P). Besides the usual gear appropriate to his station, the wallet contains some high quality sorcerers’ ritual gear and supplies, as well as P-150: a flat 1L bottle of thick green glass, wrapped in braided leather w/ a threaded wooden stopper that tightens over the neck of the bottle (sealing with a leather washer) and forms a dosage cup. Contains 600 ml of a thin black liquid with a slight scent of mint. Around his neck he has GJ 131- Necklace of heavy silver chain w/ 5 plaques strung at the center. The plaques are inlaid with flat ivory and turquoise stones, very fine and fanciful network of whorlly lines are engraved into the necklace and plaques.


  • Don Burch (aka “Mescilito) (ValMal, early 20’s, Dusky skinned, shaved head, brown eyes), slightly husky of build for a Val. By his clothing, grooming, and style, likely a low- middlin level Landsfolk Caste sort. 1st Rank Sorceror, 1st Rank mage. Cause of Death: Annoyed someone by acting strange and suffered Unblunt Trauma. No gear, weapons, or purse.


  • Sam Pina (ValMal, late teens or early 20s, sturdy build, long Steel hair, wispy beard). Dead of no visible reason. By his gear, clothing, grooming, and style, likely a low- level Landsfolk Caste sort. (maybe) 1st Rank Sorcerer. Leather and Curboilli armor in Siege/Winter Brush cammo. Broadsword and parrying dagger. Large wallet and small purse (2L, 6S, 9D). The wallet contains some basic sorcerers’ gear, a real fine calligraphy set, some very nice carving tools, and some other gear that Estaya is not sure about: it doesn’t look like traditional sorcerers’ props & tools (spools of fine threads & yarns of unknown animal hair, a small (150ml off-white ceramic jar of golden-colored paste (P- 152)), but is of uniform high quality, carefully stored, and organized for easy access. Also, an exotic hardwood stick carefully carved w/ some very tiny glyphs, and GJ-132 a lead bracelet heavily carved with tiny abstract work.


  • Reuben Langfor Mean Bastard of a Merc (Martial Caste, likely a Jomjeen, HilMal, big dude, late 20’s) from town named Delmita in Dragonstooth Range. Dead of Assorted Trauma. Winter Eastmarch camo pattern Brigandine, improved open helm, fine kingdom pattern broadsword of grey merrick steel, parrying dagger, Nagga-Notta, medium comp bow, GJ 132- heavy gold ring with red stone, medium wallet (carving tools, calligraphy set (both decent hobby-ist level quality), the  normal run of toiletry items, otherwise partly stuffed with locks of different-colored hair, each tied with a silk ribbon, and each with a cryptic hemp-paper tag that appears to be dates and places as well as odd notations (sometime names or nicknames, sometimes descriptions), (strung out over the last 5 years, starting less-frequently and getting more frequent over time), medium purse (9L, 16S, 19D) w/ cheap screamer sigil.


The Quick


  • Hyun Hanisak (MC ForestMal, lanky, mid 20’s blond & grey) Wounded (loc 14 to below 0, but not severed). Taciturn sort. Summer Eastmarch Camo pattern Brig & Improved Open Helm, Longbow & arrows, decent quality merrick steel Longsword, parrying dagger, medium teardrop-shaped shoulder-bag/ wallet (along with the normal toiletries, has a folio-book written in Tar’rani called “The Way of Harmony” (S-21), a recorder & a mouthharp, P- 153- Ceramic bottle w/ waxed wood & leather stopper (abt  350 ml cap- contains 300 ml of a thin, very dark liquid that smells slightly of animal den), field med kit of Forest-folk Meds/Pharms).


  • Sutton (ValMal, FRL, 20’s, light skinned, short and thin build, high & tight lt brown hair & brwn eyes), Merc. Chain Hauberek, curbiolli legs, Warhat, Short-Spear, broadsword & RA pattern Heater, gut-shot to below 0, plus less-serious wound to Loc 16.

  • Rosanna Morse (HilFem, LdnsFlk Caste, lt teens, brown hair & green eyes (a little close together for conventional beauty), short, plump and curvaceous of build), dressed in sorcerers’ work robes & belt. Broken left leg. Found at the bottom of a mostly dry well. Was helping search for Mescilitto when she was shoved down the well by someone.


  • Tracie Champion (Mid 20’s, ValFem Ent Caste, dark hair & brown eyes, thin). 1st rank Sorcerer from a town called Edenton towards the south end of the Valley. Laying in the barracks in her smallclothes suffering from Mal De Toad (delirium, confusion, lack of muscle control).


  • Alison Williamson (Early 20’s, ForFem, tall & willowy, high cheekbones, blond hair & blue-grey eyes, low Ent Caste) 1st rank Sorcerer. Dressed in work robes. Laying in the practice tent suffering from Mal De Toad (confusion, weakness).


  • Frankie Blanton (HillMal, MCaste Vaq, mid 20’s, big guy, trimmed beard long brown hair & brown eyes, scar over right eye), Eastmarch Pattern camo Brig & IOH, High Quality Kingdom pattern Bastard Sword, Hvy Comp Bow, Heater. Laying on the ground in the practice tent, suffering from Mal de Toad (weakness, tremors, confusion). Wallet w/ good field med kit, sketchbook (everything from figure studies to landscapes & the odd abstract) & sketching tools,  P- 154- White ceramic bottle w/ spring stopper & wax/ leather seal 600ml cap. (bottle has a Green Crescent Sigil on side-Contains 450 ml of a red thin liquid, smells of fruit & alcohol; GJ -133- brass bracelet w/ carving work in abstract pattern, Purse w/ decent quality screamer sigil w/ 12L, 23S, 2D


  • Josef Caldwell    (HilMal, Low Ent Caste, Sorcerer, mid 20’s, Red hair, wispy long beard and grey eyes). Sitting in Practice Tent suffering from Mal de Toad (weakness & confusion). Storm coat. Has dagger and axe on belt, some throwing steels, but is not interested in putting up a fight if invited to surrender and treated civilly. Big Wallet w/ sorcerer’s gear, purse w/ screamer (35L, 12S, 8D)


  • Tracy Negron   (HillFem, MC Vaq, early 20’s, Reddish Brown hair, Hazel eyes), Brig IOH, Heater, Bastard Sword, Med Comp Bow + arrows in back-holster, standing in Practice Tent, swinging weakly at shadows. Can be persuaded to surrender if you seem to be less demonic than the things in her head. Purse w/ good quality screamer (29L, 49S, 4D).


  • Mari Blake (Valfem, MC, dark skinned, black hair & hzl eyes, lt teens, curvey), Chain hauberk, curbioloi, Warhat. Broadsword, Lgt Comp Bow (broken), medium round shield. Suffering from Air Elemental Fu (lots of blunt trauma over much of her body). Purse (2L, 39S, 17D).


  • Johanna Mcbride (ValFem MC Jommjeen, mid 20’s, big, Dark skin, short steel hair, big brown eyes, high cheekbones). Brig, Warhat, medium round shield, short glaive, Battle Axe, javelins. Loc 8 is below 0. Wallet w/ knitting gear & good field Med kit.  GJ -134 Cloak clasp- Ceramic covered brass w/ abstract design (wheel). Purse w/ screamer (14L, 44S, 13D)


  • Jackie Ingram (ValMal, MC Vaq. Short brown hair, brown eyes, late teens, scar on left cheek, Chain Hauberk, Warhat, broadsword & heater, med comp bow. Wounded Loc 11- near 0 now. P- 155- White ceramic bottle w/ spring stopper w/ wax/ leather seal 600ml. Has a Green Crescent Sigil on side. Contains 300 ml of a red thin liquid, smells of fruit & alcohol.


  • Pacheco (ValFem FRL, brown hair & hazel eyes, thin, early 20’s)  Sorcerer, leather and curbiolli, Bushwacker, spear, wardarts, Purse (13L, 28S, 9D). Found walking the compound, but fairly distracted and prone to just keep doing what those around her do...so she surrendered when everybody else did.


  • Lessie Porter (HilFem, Low Ent Caste, early 20’s reddish brown hair & green eyes, powerful and curvey build). Sorcerer. Stormcoat, battleaxe & dagger, purse (12L 90S, 5D). Found in the practice tent distracted and giggly (Mal de Toad?).


The Quicker


  • Mara (HillFem FRL, Blond hair & hazel eyes, broad cheekbones, early 20’s)  Light skirmisher, Curbiolli, Warhat, handaxe, spear, wardarts, Purse (3L, 8S, 9D).


  • Alfredo Ryan  (ValMal, Ent Caste, late 20’s, dark-ish skin, shaved head, brown eyes, nice quality stormcoat of swamp dragon leather, High Quality Longsword, buckler, snazzy hat (kind of a fedora in dark brown w/ an eagle feather). Sorcerer. Has a small (3 kg) dragon on his shoulder, which watches the proceedings with interest. GJ-   136- heavy silver ring, GJ -137-  Necklace of Silver w/ flat lenticular stone.,  Wallet (medium) & Purse (Large- 50+ coins)- both have some pretty good quality Seals.


    Ellissa McAuliffe (HillFem, late teens, skinny, red hair & blue eyes, Ent Caste) Sorc. Leather, Qstaff/Staff Sling, several daggers. Heavily padded curbiolli “wallet”, w/ P- 151 abt 2,500-3,000 cc capacity of black leather, contains several padded “cells”, in total, there are 3 X 500 cc clear glass vials, each containing a very fine shiny silver-grey powder (looks almost liquid).  Purse (4L, 8S, 6D)


  • Yoder Christie (ValMal, late 20’s black hair & brown eyes, tall & slight, Ent Caste). Sorc. (HillMal, early 20’s, Long braided red hair, green eyes) Sorc. Stormcoat, , curbiolli cap, medium crossbow, Bushwacker, dagger), wallet of poor sorc gear. Purse (8L, 8S, 3D)


  • Cary Draper (HillFem, early 20’s, big blue eyes and long blond hair, pretty, Ent Caste), Sorc. Too tight to be really practical black leather armor, average quality longsword, parrying dagger, whip, wallet w/ poor quality sorc gear, purse (12L, 15S, 18D).


  • Reynaldo (ValMal, short & slim, large hazel eyes & shaved head, van dyke beard, late 20’s, Ent Caste), Sorc. Working Robes, daggers, QStaff. Wallet of poor quality Sorc gear. A little Mal de Toad (confused). Purse (9L, 13S, 15D)


  • Montague (HillMal, blond hair brown eyes, late teens, FRL), Light skirmisher, Stormcoat & Curboilii, Warhat, broadsword, longspear, javelins, Purse (2L, 8S, 9D)


  • Richard (HillMal, brown hair & blue eyes, early 20’s FRL) Light skirmisher, stormcoat & Curbiolli, medium round shield, Warhat, bushwacker, short glaive, wardarts, Purse (3L, 18S, 9D) 


  • Leopoldo Bowling (ValFem, late 20’s, petite, black hair, green eyes, swears a lot Landsfolk Caste). Sorc. Leather armor,  Glaive, wardarts, shortsword. Wallet of avg sorc gear, Purse (3L, 14S, 3D)



The Quickest


This fellow disappeared at some point in the battle, but those who remain behind can give you the following info…


  • Garrard Roscoe Solomon – (HilMal, mid 20’s, Brown hair & pale grey-green eyes (almost Demon eyed). MCaste? Sorcerer. Husky build. Two longswords, medium comp bow, “cuirboilli” armor.



Friends of Esteya


  • Selena Davidson (HilFem, MC, red hair in sorta dredlocks & green eyes, lt teens). Broadsword, Heater, Med Comp Bow, Brig armor & IOH


  • Forrest Moreno (ForMal, MC, Blond & Hzl, lanky, early 20’s). Bastardsword, Medium Round shield, Longbow. Brig armor & OH.


  • Bertie Kirkland (ForMal, Lnsdflk Caste, short lt brown hair, hazel eyes, pretty, late teens), Sorc. Stormcoat, qstaff, dagger, sling.


  • Cameron’s Character, and his big dog, too?


Loot and Items of Interest


  • About 4 decent riding nags, 6 cavalry horses, 3 wagons and 9 draft horses. Plenty of provisions, disposables, gear and fodder.


  • Lots of sorcery props, gear & supplies, including some crates of stuff that Estaya says not to touch (bottles, pouches, jars).



Other Notes


  • You find yourselves in a wrecked fort, recently made habitable, and now not so habitable, after the AIr Elemental, the Toad Sick, and the battle. Generally, the Mercs were recruited first, and spent time setting up the fort, running supplies, etc. -- all done via HellWalk. Then most went back and helped gather Sorcerers, some of whom were kept in town, other joined en route. Then the gang HellWalked near here, and has been waiting mostly since.


  • A strongbox with some heavy locks, and an obvious Seal, that detects as having about 10 kg of gold and 20 kg of silver.

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