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Haerth Shields

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type material ENC cost AP HP coverage silence spells class/size STR base
small wood 1 15 4 8 arm     small 5 5%
buckler (round) iron 2 15 8 8 arm     small 7 5%
target  (dia. 50 cm) wood+iron 2 40 6 12 arm+1     medium 9 10%
heater (heraldic shape) wood+iron 2 40 8 12 arm+1     medium 9 10%
kite (1 m tall) wood+iron 3 65 7 13 arm+2     medium 11 5%
round (dia. 1 m) wood+iron 3 75 8 16 arm+2     large 12 20%
tower or hoplite (1.2 m tall) wood+iron 3 80 9 16 arm+2     large 12 15%


  • Costs are in soldi.
  • AP is the amount of damage a shield may ignore from each blow before it takes damage itself, and reflect the shield's resiliency, construction, materials, etc.
  • HP is the shield's ability to keep damage away from you, and the sturdiness of the shield. This value decreases as the shield takes damage past its AP.
  • Coverage indicates locations protected by passively interposing the shield, which precludes an active parry attempt. This is effective vs. missile weapons attacks; but, covering doesn’t add any shield defenses vs. Critical Hits by any weapon. 
  • Silence: use only the most restrictive modifier for any armor type worn or shield carried.
  • Spells: add all modifiers for armor and shields together to determine spell-casting penalty.

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