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If Hate Be Perfect

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44 Talislandre, 621 NA


Our heroes were shifted to the form of Za warriors (Vidan and Aldak, aka Zidan and Zaldak), Yrmanians (Kija and Puliko, aka Gag and Zug), and a Darkling (Asphyxx aka Ass). After a couple of days waiting and acclimating at the lodge, a small windship arrived, with the scholar Alisteryld (plus his son and a nephew). Alisteryld is an expert on the Sub-men, and instructed the heroes in the barbaric ways of those tribes for ten days.


Thus, on 7 Zar (beginning of the two-week-long Septenarial Concordance) the party was flown to Kasmir, arriving at night over the battle lines. Armies of Sub-men were attacking a large fort at the west end of the bridge over the Dead River, just north of the city. We spent a day (in heavy cloaks and hoods) in the city, obtaining some final supplies; Kija saw Khameer, who was taking part in the lynching of a Drukh woman in the streets!


The next night (8 Zar) we were flown in the small windship to a point in the Barrens, several days travel on foot from the Tirshata's camp. Our trek across the scruffy terrain began with heavy hearts ...


While setting up camp one night, we were beset by a behemoth! We hid atop and behind some ruins, which the massive beast showed every interest in demolishing ... but suddenly, a barrage of boulders destroyed the creature. The stone-throwing entities came forward -- a pair of devils, who had killed the behemoth for sport. The devil's supernatural perceptions allowed them to see our "true selves" but fortunately they don't seem to care too much. They deduced our mission, and made a bet with Aldak that he wouldn't live out the year -- he bet a million gold lumens, to be paid back triply if he lives!


By 13 Zar we arrived at the camp. If asked, our cover story was, "We work for Zaldorf." In the afternoon and evening we wandered through the camp, avoiding the areas in use by the Za, Manra, and (the cannibals ... who where they?). Strange, cruel and dangerous activities by every tribe -- their thirst for domination only kept in check by the command of the Tirshata (Zairat by name). The Tirshata's own pavilion, on a slighty raised platform, was extremely heavily guarded by Araq warriors.


Some of the interesting sights --


  • a Thrall captive being tormented by Araq warriors.
  • Beastmen contesting for leadership (Foamspitter was the victor); the Beastmen also dominate the Nagra.
  • a female, Merao by name, leads the Harakin; they have many draktyl mounts in camp.
  • the Ur at the camp are led by Vule.
  • the Mondre Khan were sitting in quiet order, receiving a language lesson from their leader, Baras.
  • necromantic priests of Terex rule the Stryx.
  • Zaldak chatted with Wise Eye Gouger, a Drukh, about that tribe. They worship "Noman" who rules the nightmare realms. For some reason, the Drukh are being lead by Baras, the Mondre Khan chieftain.


Fortunately for us, the Sub-men don't seem to celebrate the Dance of Death. The next day (14 Zar), we planned to send Kija and Puliko among the Za.


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