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IHOP Journal Entries

Page history last edited by Michael 9 years, 7 months ago


starting date                        events/title


31 Phandir          the investors/officers arrive at Zadian; the repair and alteration of the ship begins

45 Phandir          the ship is attacked at the shipyard by an Aamanian galley; some repairs are needed

49 Phandir          ship is named, and we set sail from Zadian!

7 Talislandre          the IHoP arrives at Zir, picking up final supplies

10 Talislandre          depart from Zir through the Phaedran Straits

13 Talislandre          arrive near Thaecia

14 Talislandre          go ashore at Thaecia; the Festival opens!

21 Talislandre          judging of Festival prizes; the Bizarre Trophy is stolen by Captain Jalicia of the "Riven Scale"

23 Talislandre          set sail for Eros Isle; trouble with the wind machine!

24 Talislandre          arrive at Eros Isle, begin repairs

26 Talislandre          set sail for Cella, arrive the same day; meet the Enchantress of the Shoals

27 Talislandre          depart Cella, headed south

28 Talislandre          meet Larn the Sea-rider; he leads us to Oceanus. We make the acquaintance of Osarik,

                                             chief of the Sea-Dragon clan, and attend a banquet

29 Talislandre          fun in Oceanus, harvesting pearls and kelp ...

33 Talislandre          Oceanus is attacked by the Imrians! Most of the attackers are beaten off or destroyed,

                              but one coracle survives, and sails quickly off with prisoners.

                              The IHoP sets off in pursuit of the Imrians; the seas are shrouded in fog ...

34 Talislandre          IHoP arrives at Dalia:  The Link Is Forged 

34 Talislandre          adventures in the Ether:  Dalia, Part Two 

38 Talislandre          Our Heroes set off on A Picnic

40 Talislandre          Night on the Monolith

40 Talislandre          our next adventure!

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