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IndoCthulhu Gun Fumbles

Page history last edited by Michael 12 years, 1 month ago

Firearms Fumbles


roll 3d6, -3 if Fast Drawing, -3 if not up to STR Min, +3 if weapon ‘dirty’, +3 if weapon ‘unreliable’



3: attack self with OCV Ø, DCV Ø; if the weapon is normally held 2H, go to 4.

4: attack nearest un-intended target with OCV Ø, target DCV halved if friend.

5: drop [d4: weapon / some ammo / an ammo container / other item ].

6: damage your [d3: armor / weapon / other item ].

7 - 8: trip or otherwise waste two half phases (including getting to feet if character falls).

9: entangled: your [d3: weapon / clothing / other item ] becomes caught on [d4: yourself / a friend / an opponent / the environment ]; STR of entangle = BOD of what you’re caught on.

10: misfire: primer or cap does not fire. 50% chance of firing if primer or cap struck again; if does not fire on second attempt, round or load is a dud or improperly loaded.

11: ammo problems besides misfire: [d8: cartridge disassembled/disassembles when loaded / revolver chain fires (if c&b) / cartridge cooks off next round (if lots of firing already) / cartridge underpowered, bullet does not leave barrel (Gunsmith skill to recognize) / case separates during extraction (does not apply to all guns) / case bulged, character STR vs. 3xDC as STR to extract / primer blowout, roll DC- to do DC as normal energy attack on hand, roll DC- to set off rounds in box magazine / barrel heavily fouled, all subsequent shots at ½ Rmod (black powder only)]

12 – 13: clearable jam: make [choose: Gunsmith skill / Mechanics skill, -3 / DEX roll, -5 ] to clear, -3 if not familiar with weapon. Each attempt to clear the jam takes a full phase at ½ DCV.

14 – 15: gun mis-function or mis-operation, depends on mechanics of gun. Examples: sights drift off (halve RMod); box magazine falls out of gun; round failed to feed from box magazine; forgot to take safety off; etc.

16 – 17: serious jam, cannot be cleared in combat. Make [choose: Gunsmith skill / Mechanics skill, -3 ] to realize it cannot be cleared.

18: roll twice! For NPCs: weapon explodes due to improper ammo or operation!


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