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Into the Desert

Page history last edited by Michael 10 years, 9 months ago

Previous episode:  To Belgium and Beyond!



11 April, 1934: Dongola, the Sudan. Our Heroes prepare for a trip to Jabal Hadada, and hire Jamil, a guide.

13 April, 1934:  off into the Sahara! On the fifth day, a sandstorm drives causes the group to lose a couple of horses; on the 13th day, they arrive near Jabal Hadada.

26 April, 1934:  the adventurers scare off a German sniper with some of Fury's pink smoke. On the side of Jabal Hadada, a dark opening is spotted; the sounds of combat and carnage come from within. The Heroes plunge into the cave, and experience terrible visions of the ancient world -- especially of a battle between Nubian warriors and obsidian demon-men! Some of the visions or effects begin to creep into the "real" world -- people are briefly transformed into animals. Two short but fierce battles with demons occur in the dark passage, before Our Heroes finally reach the innermost chamber (several hundred feet within the hill). Within that chamber is a terrible pile of corpses -- the remains of recently-slain Germans, Nubians, Romans and ancient Egyptian animal-headed warriors, etc. A pool in the center contains demon crocodiles; to one side is a demon locust the size of a locomotive; to the other side, a pile of sarcophagii, treasures, chariots, and other swag; and on the ceiling a horde of dozens of demon-men, hanging upside-down in bat fashion. The far side of the chamber has a huge Portal (large enough for the locust); near the portal is a control pedestal.

     Lotta and Fury are of course transfixed by the treasure, but the "touch it and wake the demons" element of the chamber is all too apparent. Delacy, Nora and Qua Lin find a couple of "not-quite-dead-yet" persons in the gore pile; Fury and Lotta select booty for a quick snatch; Fury sets a booby trap for the demons; and Davis prepares the portal. With the use of some green crystals in Lotta's possession, the portal is opened and Our Heroes plunge through!



The far side of the portal is an ice cave, high in the mountains of (it turns out) New Zealand's South Island. The adventurers pass a cold night, but can see the lights of a village or farm in the distance.

27 April, 1934:  Our Heroes trudge down from the mountains to a small farming station; the inhabitants are a bit dubious about the story presented ("We were attempting to climb all six of New Zealand's tallest mountains" or some such blather), but put the party up for a few days. The lucky pair of mules are given to the farmers as a present. The fact that this world seems to be about a year "behind" Our Heroes is quite a shock.

4 May, 1934: The party arrives in Christchurch (pop. 130,000), and soon visits various baths, tailors, laundries, hotels, bars, restaurants, etc. The local papers and libraries reveal that this is not the world which most of the group calls "home" (or somehow history has changed):  most notably, the Martians did not invade England in 1902 (nor have they shown up since then, apparently). After a week of rest and discussion, the group departs to visit Ayers Rock, in Australia.

18 May, 1934 Ayers Rock. The group walks around the rock, climbs on it, flies over it in a chartered plane, and so forth for a week or so.

25 May, 1934 Fury, Lotta and Qua Lin have a little "vision quest" with a group of Aborigines, high atop Ayers Rock. The Aborigines ditch them while they're high as kites.



Next episode:  Through Trouble To Tibet

Comments (4)

Kevin McHale said

at 9:39 am on Dec 12, 2009

Many of the PCs have been to another Earth as well, Ziggurat Land, also known to your GM as Earth Zeta.

Kevin McHale said

at 9:36 am on Dec 12, 2009

Earth Prime is the universe where most of the PCs originated from (other than Lotta and the McCrackens so far). Earth One is the Rocketship Empires universe. The PCs are now in Earth B and they have no recollection of any martian invasion in the last 50 years. Make of this what you will!

Michael said

at 12:05 am on Dec 3, 2009

Kevin has further stated to me that this "is the same, real world". Any inconsistencies regarding Martians can be laid to continuity errors!

Michael said

at 10:00 am on Aug 24, 2009

Based upon further review by the referee (and various field judges), a bit of 'retcon' will be taking place. The date that the PCs arrived in New Zealand (on Earth B for reference) was April 26, 1934 --- The same date that it was when they left Earth Prime. Time travel issues will not be introduced at this time.

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