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Justin Nicodemus Cool, Rat Of NIMH

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Justin Nicodemus Cool, Rat of NIMH

Explorer and Adventurer


    Justin N. Cool was a third generation Rat of NIMH, born in Thorn Valley, long after the defeat of the Thorn Valley Dam. A student of the sword, his parents named him after the then leader of the Rats of Thorn Valley, Justin, and the previous leader, Nicodemus. His last name was his parents attempt to make themselves feel more then rat like, adopting human last names to change the way they percieved themselves.

    As he grew, he found Thorn Valley small, and listened to tales and stories from the other animals in the woods of far off places and sights. When he was of age, he decided to journey, packing up much of his belongings, and left.

    On his second or third night out, he was caught in a storm, and ended up in the harsh hot weather of a desert through some contrivances not of his own.

    Fortunately, his level of intelligents makes him very difficult for the hunting cats to catch, but his size makes many things quite difficult.


    What he has been up to of late is a very, very big mystery, as the Rat made his way into one of the major cities in that area, and after a few misadventures, vanished.

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