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Miniatures and Props

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See also the Desert Town page!


Stuff that the ref can call upon:


7 piece foam caves, several with passages through them


long cliffs or canyon walls; A, B, C and D are 5" tall, the rest are 3" tall;

f and g have bridge abutments, and are wider front-to-back, and C has a sort of cave entrance


smaller chunks of cliffs, canyon parts, or mini-mesas; k has a sort of cave entrance; most are 3" tall


fairly ordinary military vehicles of the 1930s



a well-equipped desert expedition


the menacing vehicles of villains and anarchists!

-- or --

the IJN Special Naval Landing Forces



Here come the Soviets!



the Germans don't have all the weird stuff -- Soviet walkers


scouting ahead - German motorcycles


the blitzkrieg arrives -- German armor


following the armor:  the artillery, supplies, staff, etc.


and on the roads, more supplies for the German war machine


Various aircraft are available!


mysterious ruins


a defensive palisade (assembled as a square, it's 10" wide on the outside)


an armored train


a mysterious warlord's train


the MBV-2 armored railcar


a small passenger train (three carriages so far, 20 persons in each carriage)


the "Gray Army", generic villains


the King's African Rifles (will also do for other askari-type forces)


Gebirgsjagers vs. mummy!


... and more of the German army


a tramp freighter, a tugboat, two motor launches and a steam launch, a coastal freighter, and a steam trawler the Fury's Fate

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