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Pulp Geography

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Notable hotels of the world

A swanky apartment

Luxury hotel suites


The Map of Mystery

Within the Hollow Earth

The Hyborian Age



The ruined city of Ephesus

The Tuzbek Soviet Socialist Republic

The Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic

The Kirghiz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

... bordered by the Kok Shal range, beyond which lies ...

Sinkiang and a city there: Kashgar

Likiang to Lhasa

The Chinese city of Shanghai





Peshawar, capital of the North-West Frontier

Rawalpindi, where you detrain to reach Kashmir or Murree

Murree, summer capital of the Punjab

Travel in the Indian Ocean



Dongola, in the Sudan

Map of East Africa

Information about Kenya and Mombasa

The Rift Valley, in Kenya

Stanleyville, in the Belgian Congo






map of Europe from about mid-1938 (note Austria)

The Greek island of Corfu

Istanbul, not Constantinople

Lindisfarne monastery, England

London, England

Marseille, a French seaport

The Italian island of Pantelleria

Paris, capital of France

Rome, capital of Italy


The Soviet Union

Venice, the Queen of the Adriatic


North and Central America

New York City





Ayers Rock and Alice Springs

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