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Pulp HMS Glorious

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     Originally built as a battlecruiser, the Glorious was converted to an aircraft carrier, re-entering service in 1930. The ship is fitted with two flight decks, the "main" (upper) deck for landings and takeoffs, and a "flying off deck" forward, below the upper flight deck; there are two levels of hangars running the full length of the upper flight deck. Arresting gear and launch catapults are not yet features of this ship. Wing Cmdr. A. R. Arnold, DSC, DFC is in charge of 16 Fairey Flycatcher fighter aircraft, 16 Blackburn Ripon torpedo bombers (to be exchanged for Baffins in January of 1934), and 16 Fairy IIIF recon aircraft. Based in Malta, and escorted by at least two destroyers (see the "A" Class below).

     HMS Glorious has been commanded since 1931 by Rear Admiral Charles Edward "K-P" Kennedy-Purvis, age 49. He is a skilled engineer in regards to machinery, electrical apparatus, and radios (formerly director of the RN Signal Division), regarded as charismatic yet modest, unflappable, courteous, tactful, a skilled administrator, and very knowledgeable. During his period in command of the Glorious, he is responsible for the development of a night landing system. His non-Service interests include golf (14 handicap), cine-photography (very skilled), fishing (poorly) and motoring (good driver, excellent mechanic). He receives his promotion to Rear Admiral on 30 September 1933; his wife is named May, they have no children. He will do much for the Allied cause during WW2 as Deputy 1st Sea Lord from 1942 till the end of the war.


  • length 786.5', beam 81.5', displacement 26,518 tons.

  • speed 31 kts from turbines on 4 shafts; range 5860 nautical miles at 16 kts.

  • armament: sixteen single 4.7" guns Mk IX on CP Mk. XIII mounts (wrap-around shields, not turrets; 7 to 10 RPM), twenty-four QF 2-pdr AA (single-barrel, 200 RPM, water-cooled 40mm weapons on un-powered manual pedestal mounts). Ship's boats include 4 launches, 4 cutters, and several small rowboats, plus some life rafts.

  • crew: 1,200 (including aviators and Marines)

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