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Pulp Polish Armament Prices

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     Conversion rate used is 5.31 zloty to the US dollar, at 1935 prices paid by governments for large orders.


Mauser 7.92mm carbine


BAR 7.92mm light machinegun


Browning 7.92mm belt-fed machinegun


cavalry saber


Vickers E twin-turret light tank


Renault R-35 light tank


Carden-Lloyd Mk IV tankette


wz.29 "Ursus" armored car (armed with 37mm gun)


C4P halftrack prime mover (version of the wz.34 halftrack)


PF-618 "Grom" 1.5 ton light truck


PF-508 light staff car


Sokol 600 light motorcycle


Sokol 1000 motorcycle + sidecar


armored steam locomotive


armored freightcar


wz.14/19P howitzer, 100mm


wz.32 Skoda mortar, 220mm


wz.36 "Star" AA gun, 75mm


-- ammo for "Star" gun, per round


wz.36 Bofors AA gun, 40mm


PZL P-7a fighter plane


PZL P-11c fighter plane


RWD-8 trainer/liaison plane



     Thanks to Michael Derela's "The prices of Polish armament before 1939" web page, at  http://derela.republika.pl/prices.htm


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