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Pulp Private Coach C

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The ultimate in land-going luxury, a multi-car private train! The owner, seven staff, and up to ten guests roll along the rails in three 82' long cars, each ninety-four tons of air-conditioned steel, gourmet foods, expensive furnishings, crystal glassware, and modern conveniences, and certified for speeds of up to 110 miles per hour.


The A car, normally the very last car on the train, contains the owner's stateroom (featuring a full double bed, bureau, closet, and shower-bath), a safe, the lounge (with a phonograph player, and a bar - very faintly disguised until the end of Prohibition) and a fully-equipped radio room. A 60 horsepower electrical generator is installed under each car, powered by gasoline, and thus making the entire set of cars independent of power from a locomotive, if need be. The B and "C" cars each contain a kitchen; there are four convertible berths in the dining room of the "C" car. The main dining room in the "B" car can easily accomodate a dozen persons for dinner. The "A" and "B" car parlors have working fireplaces. Except for the open platform at the rear of the "A" car, the vestibules of these cars are enclosed; a guard position is located at the forward end of the "C" car, and is usually manned when these private coaches are attached to a regular passenger train. Each of these cars costs about $100,000.


The staff might consist of two guards/chauffeurs; two cooks; two stewards/waiters; and a personal secretary -- possibly also a radio operator and/or a bartender. Telephones connect the various compartments of all three cars.


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