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Pulp Revenge-class Battleships

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     A major class of Royal Navy battleships, but now considered somewhat slow and antiquated. Since the Great War, aircraft catapults, oil-firing boilers, and extra searchlights have been fitted. Revenge (Capt. S. D. Tillard), Resolution (Capt. Max K. Horton, DSO), Royal Oak (Capt. C. G. Ramsey), and Royal Sovereign (Capt. K. E. L. Creighton, MVO) make up the First Battle Squadron, along with the Fleet Flagship, Queen Elizabeth (Capt. R.C. Davenport) -- faster, originally otherwise similar to the "Revenge" class, though subject to more advanced upgrades since the war.

     The RN Mediterranean Fleet is based at Malta but with major detachments at Gibraltar and Alexandria. The Fleet components for 1 October 1932 can be found here.


     Trivia: Lt. Cmdr. Lord Louis Mountbatten is the Mediterranean Fleet Wireless Officer. A close friend of the Prince of Wales and many Hollywood stars, and a childhood friend of the Russian Imperial court; a charming and famous adulterer, skilled sailor and electronics expert, fluent in German and French, passable in Hindi, Latin, and (ancient) Greek, and quite a name-dropper. In 1937 and 1938 he's working had to convince the Royal Navy to adopt the Oerlikon 20mm cannon as an anti-aircraft weapon.


  • Length 624', beam 88.5', displacement 31,000 tons.15"/42 Mark I guns (2 rounds per minute per barrel), fourteen 6" guns in casements, two 3" AA/anti-torpedo-boat guns in open mounts on deck, four 47mm AA guns in open mounts on deck, four 21" torpedo tubes below the waterline. A Fairey IIIF floatplane is carried on the catapult.

  • Speed originally 21 kts from turbines on 4 shafts (closer to 19 knots in 1933); range 5000 nautical miles at 12 kts.

  • Armament: four turrets each mounting two

  • Crew: about 1000 (including Marines).

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