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Pulp RuSHA

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     From 1935, the full title was the Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt (Race and Settlement Main Office). Founded in 1931 as the Race Office of the Nazi party, this department originally conducted "racial fitness research" to determine the suitability of prospective candidates for SS membership and potential spouses for SS members. Their experts make pseudo-scientific determinations of who is German and who has the “racial potential” to be German.

     In June of 1933, the RuSHA become a unit of the German government (much as the SS and other Nazi organizations had), and became involved in many of the uglier policies of genocide, sterilization, eugenics, the Lebensborn program, etc. The first Director of the RuSHA is Richard Walther Darré, Reichsminister of Food and Agriculture, and Reich Peasant Leader.

     Up to this point, "settlement" has the less ugly open intent of "settling Aryan peasant stock onto farmland within Germany."


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