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Pulp S-boat

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The schnellboote numbered S-7 through S-13 are the latest acquisitions of the German Kriegsmarine. Built by the Lurssen company, with a composite oak and aluminum hull, they are fast but unarmored torpedo boats.


Length 106', beam 16' 9", displacement 86 tons

Speed: 36 kts from three Daimler-Benz diesel engines; range 700 miles at 30 knots, or 2100 miles at 7 kts.

Armament: two 21" torpedo tubes (one reload for each tube can be carried, but often isn't) with G7a torpedoes (see below), a 20mm C/30 autocannon on a pedestal mount, and an 8mm machine gun on the forward deck. No mine racks fitted (yet); and the armament will increase greatly as the years go by.

Crew: 15


The crew consists of a captain, navigator/executive officer, chief petty officer, chief engineer, radioman, cook/steward, 3 engineers, and 6 sailors (who act as the helmsman, lookouts, and gunners). In the Mediterranean, they were painted very light gray (nearly white), with sort of light-pea-green decks.


  • The G7a torpedo has a range of 6 km at 44 kts (or 8 km at 40 kts, or 14 km at 30 kts); as a "compressed air" torpedo it leaves a visible trail of bubbles on the way to the target. Warhead, 616 pounds; cost 20,000 marks (about $7500 in 1934).

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