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Pulp Tiger Moth

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     A strange and undocumented craft, the Tiger Moth appears to be some sort of pirate air vessel. Large propellers at the tips of its variable-incidence wings, and four smaller propellors under the tail, give it a speed of at least 25 miles per hour. Four small aircraft, called "flapters", can be launched and recovered in the lower deck hangar. Much of the outer structure is canvas, stretched over metal framing.

     While the Tiger Moth appears to be an airship, it is also possible that the majority of the lift is provided by the wingtip propellers, and by air moving across the variable incidence wings. If so, the balloon may be a stability feature, or for storing gaseous fuel. The vessel has not been seen hovering without the large propellers turning; landing and takeoff operations have not been observed.

     Neither the Tiger Moth nor the flapters carry any visible armaments; the crew carry small arms. A powerful radio, and radio direction-finder, is fitted; the pirates are believed to have jammed emergency transmissions from their victims.


  • Length: 138'
  • Span: 177'
  • Height: 65'
  • Gas bag volume, approximately 24000 cubic feet.
  • Weight, unknown.
  • Engine: type and power unknown (but at least 2000 HP if it provides the majority of lift).
  • Top speed: unknown.
  • Cruise speed: unknown.
  • Range: unknown.
  • Crew: up to a dozen; in an emergency the pilot can operate the craft alone.







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