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Pulp Vehicle Combat

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Vehicles are given very abstract statistics and only Armor and Hit Points really have any relevance to the game. Their Armor value is dependent upon the materials they are made of and their strength, their Hit Points are a direct consequence of their bulk, generally determined by the number of passengers that they can carry.


                                              Armor     HP

Motorcycle or Compact Car        2        30

Coupe or Sports Car                  3        30

Full-Size/Luxury Car                4         60

Truck                                       5         75

Light Armored Car                  12         60

Heavy Armored Car                15         75

Light Tank                              15         75

Airplane                                 Var.      Var.

Boat                                       Var.       Var.



Vehicles that have lost half of their Hit Points suffer a -20% penalty to any actions performed inside them. Vehicles are inoperable at ‘0’ Hit Points but still provide some armor and cover for the occupants.



Crashing/Being Hit


Crashes come in two types: Low-speed crashes and high-speed crashes. Low speed crashes are those that occur at low velocities or in circumstances where the impact is lessened, such as side-swipes and rear-end crashes.

Low-speed crashes do 1d6 damage to the larger participant and 1d6 to the smaller participant.

High-speed crashes do 2d10 damage to the larger participant and 4d10 to the smaller participant.

Occupants of a vehicle being hit take half as much damage, reduced by half again if there is safety equipment (seatbelts, etc) in the vehicle.





Vehicle chases present a mini-game of pursuit and maneuvering as one vehicle tries to outstrip another. For the purposes of this, driver Initiative (DEX roll) is rolled as per combat and each vehicle attempts to catch up to the other to take actions, such as run them off the road, fire at them, board, or cut them off. This process is abstracted through the accumulation of ‘distance’. Once ‘distance’ of the chased vehicle is ten or more ahead of the chasing vehicle, the chase ends with their escape. Otherwise the chasing vehicle has caught up, driven them off the road, blocked them or wrecked them. Opposed Drive rolls during a pursuit are made to determine the ‘winner’; the smaller vehicle gets +10% to its rolls, the faster vehicle gets at least +10% to its rolls. Different maneuvers have different effects on the distance gained.

Criticals double the effects of distance gained, penalties incurred or damage done (to the target).

Fumble results will depend on the maneuver being attempted.



Vehicle Maneuvers

Maneuver                                  Drive Effect   

Pedal down                                 -10% Gain 2 Distance   

Bootlegger/Handbrake turn   -30% The pursuing car must make the same maneuver 

                                                   or the Distance is increased by four.          

                                                   Otherwise it remains the same.   

Rear end                                   Opposed Rear vehicle must be within one Distance. 

                                                   Low-speed crash damage, lead car gains one

                                                   distance. Rammed vehicle must make a 

                                                   Drive roll at -10% or lose control.   

Roadblock                                  -20% The pursuer must be ahead of the pursued. 

                                                   If successful this places their vehicle 

                                                   in a blocking position in front of the pursued

                                                   who must stop or opt for a low or high speed 

                                                  crash. If the car evades the roadblock it

                                                  gains two distance.   

Sideswipe                                Opposed Either vehicle. Distance must be equal. 

                                                  Low-speed crash damage, lower amount to both 

                                                  vehicles. Both vehicles must make a Drive 

                                                  roll at -10% or lose control.   

Speed up +0%                          Gain 1 Distance   

Sudden turn                             -10% The pursuing car must make a Drive roll 

                                                  at -25% or the Distance is increased by three.

                                                  Otherwise it remains the same.



Attacking Vehicles


For the most part vehicles are just sinks for damage, soaking up Hit Points until they escape or crash; though they can be smashed through to get at the tender, juicy, meaty people inside as well. In these cases attacks are made as though through cover and through the armor of the vehicle to attack the people within. In addition, vehicles can have certain locations targeted with attacks:

Headlights:   Headlights can be targeted at a -20% penalty to hit. The vehicle takes damage as normal and so long as at least one point of damage is done the headlight is smashed. Any other damage from the attack is ignored.

Tires:   Tires can be targeted at a -15% penalty. The vehicle takes damage as normal and so long as at least two points of damage are done, the tire is burst. Vehicles at speed must make a Drive roll at -15% or lose control. Each tire burst imposes a -10% penalty to all future Drive rolls, cumulatively.

Engine:   The engine can be directly targeted but it is usually encased and solidly constructed making it a tough target. The attack roll is made at -10% and damage inflicted normally but the armor value is taken away a second time after damage is applied to the vehicle as a whole. If at least 5 points of damage are inflicted, the vehicle’s engine is crippled and it will come to a halt in 1d6 segments. A second hit of the same type will bring it to an immediate halt, with a fire starting in the engine compartment.

Passengers:   The driver and other passengers may be specifically targeted. Attack rolls are made at -10% (and may also have -30% from "riding a vehicle at full speed" modifier). Any hits should have damage and location rolled normally. The vehicle’s armor points must be overcome before the damage gets through to the occupant. Roll 1D10+10 for hit location on the occupants.

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