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Pulp Venetian Galley

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Military escort, rarely more than a day from a port.


Length 120', beam 20', draft 4.1', displacement 70 tons.

Speed under sail up to 8 kts; combat rowing speed up to 9 kts, passage speed under oars 4 knots.

Crew: 150 rowers, 8 sailors, 4 officers and petty officers (i.e., not rowing, not pulling ropes), 1 musician, 12 soldiers, and a few passengers.


Typical of the Venetian escort ships for the Fourth Crusade. The vessel can make a 180 degree turn in less than a minute; rudders (with long tiller bars) have been seen in Europe for over twenty years by 1200 AD. There are no sleeping cabins; the small deckhouse ahead of the foremast contains the galley and some other functions that need to be kept out of the rain. Two deck hatches, and a ladder down from the deckhouse, lead to the hold -- about 5' of headroom at the keel. 

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