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Shotari Civillan

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

Name: Shotari (SHOW-tarri) Civillan (Civil-ahn)

Race: Humanti/Verd

Occupation: Tailor/healer/Cobbler/Mapmaker/Basket weaver/crafter/weaver/adventurer/markswoman


Apperance: Tall (5'11-6') for a woman, Shotari hails from the South March, and her apperance shows it, with her somewhat rounded face, and somewhat dark skin. She is very solidly built, likely from hard, physical labor. She might be fairly attractive, if she would take more of an interest in dressing more carefully, or wearing her hair slightly differently. Her piercing blue eyes are one of the many odd things about her, as they are rare among her people. She dresses very plainly, fairly unimaginitively, and everything she carries or wears looks more functional then decorative. She is not overly heavy, but is fairly muscularly defined (like someone who doesn't body build, but someone who actually uses said muscles for hard work). She wears her dark, shoulder length hair loosely, and carries no obvious sign of class, caste, or rank. She carries a bolt-quiver at her right hip for the heavy crossbow she wields, and a bushwacker often slung across her back or on her left hip.

                   Despite her plain appearance, she does tend to draw attention when she enters a room (she has a high POW, and that is one sign of it).



          Quiet, somewhat reserved, and soft spoken, Shotari regards the world with bright, but piercing blue eyes. She is easily interested in most craft works of almost any nature, and is a fairly quick study of almost anything she sets her mind to. While not exactly difficult to approach, it's very hard to get to know her with any great certainty, as spending too much time talking with her gives the impression something isn't 'quite' right about her - either she doesn't blink often enough, or breaths too shallowly, or looks like she's looking through the person she's talking to - seeing them, but not quite seeing them. Most people don't talk with her for very long as a result, as they tend to depart from talking with her feeling slightly uneasy. She is somewhat warm, if slightly odd, and friendly, perfectly willing to make a great deal of small talk.

          She is all too willing to offer her skills up to help, rarely asking for payment or greatly undervaluing herself. She tends to keep her crossbow close, and sleeps fairly lightly. She tends to talk around where she came from, or really any of her personal history.

          Often, she will stop, and carefully examine seemingly random objects closely, regarding them with a sense of wonderment and sheer delight. She will often hesitate to make choices, or continue conversations, as if she is weighing the matters involved with the same gravity one might give to world or massive life changing events. This is not to say she is easily distracted, far from it - she seems to get -too- focused on the small matters or things.

          She carries a lute and a recorder, and plays with a modicum of skill, and from time to time she can be heard singing, softly - again, with a very little skill.

          To those who know what to look for, it becomes apparent, however, that she is very, very guarded when it comes to others, not -quite- trusting even those closest to her entirely.



          What can be gotten out of her with some amount of small talk - She and her Father where transplants from the Northern March, who came to the small town of Lindy and acted as foresters or sharecroppers (depending on what the need was at the time). Recently, some ill befell her father, and she sought out Mahdi as he was one of the few people in the area she knew, having learned something of several Crafts from him. It is through him that she has come to be employed by Master Barnes. She is looking forward to seeing the Wizard work his Craft, and is (mostly) delighted to seeing the city and everyone in it.


Apparent Stats:


Str: High

Con: High

Size: 16 (Though dense, she is tall, but not as heavy as her size might suggest)

Dex: Low (9)

Int: ??

App: High (If she'd just actually try to look anything but plain)

Pow: High

Ego: ??

Wis: ??

Edu: 3

CHa: 10 (She's a bit odd, but otherwise all right to talk with)


Fate: 127

Mystery: 091

Common Card: Grass




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