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SpaceHero 1889

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Journal Part One

Journal Part Two

Journal Part Three

Journal Part Four

Journal Part Five


The Perdurable Sardine

The Armstrong Juggernaut

Steam traction engines

Holley's Impervious Suit

The aerial gunboat Tiberius

The RN Ten Ton Scout Flier

A colonial paddlewheel steamer

The aerial transport HMS Elizabeth

The aerial flier and ether vessel Gryphon

Aerial and Ether Fliers, 1899


Useful items for adventurers

items from Bannerman's catalog

Terran firearms and a PDF version

Some hints on choosing a firearm ...

... and especially for Venus


Fumbling with guns

Meals and Dining


 Some information about Manaus and the Amazon

Awards and Decorations

Clubs and Clubland

The British Calendar

Various Currencies



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