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SpaceHero Currency

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The commonest currencies in the Galactic Rim are:


  • RimFed Trade Specie


This is an ingot of nearly-pure gold, about 25 grams in mass, normally un-marked. Not much used for day-to-day transactions, being a bit soft, and not really official -- more a customary unit.


1 Sirian Kroon = 0.5 RimFed Trade Specie


  • Bavanii Merchant


These are metallized-fiber notes, 10 cm wide by 6 cm high, containing various fractions of gold in the fibers. Backed by gold deposits in various Bavanii banking houses. The base unit is denominated as 0.0039062 grams of gold, but contains 0.0019531 grams of gold; other notes are issued with a base-8 range (8, 64, 512, 4096, etc.). Thus all notes above 512 Merchants are less intrinsically valuable.


1 Sirian Kroon = 3200 Bavanii Merchant


  • Vrogan Venal Lev


The only banknote in wide circulation that is not backed by specie; the Venal Lev has thus far proved impossible to counterfeit. All Lev notes (there are also an Incorruptible Lev and a Theocratic Lev, used for some rather odd purposes not related to commerce) are slick, white non-fibrous material, with red printing on the basic 1-Lev note. Lev notes are issued in base-10 and base-8 values, following a spectral coloring scheme. Size, 14cm by 8cm, mass 0.1 gram. The Vrogan League provides, for very low prices, detector units to scan notes for counterfeits. The most common counterfeiting scheme is to fake the detectors, rather than the notes! Denominations usually seen are 1 (red), 8 (orange), 10 (tan), 80 (green), 100 (blue), 800 (purple), 1000 (violet), and 8000 (black).


1 Sirian Kroon = about 80 Lev (the Green Lev)


  • Sirian Kroon


A thin gold coin, about the size of a nickel, weighing about 12.5 grams. The obverse depicts the Star Crown, the reverse bears the likeness of the Prince under whom the coin was struck. There are also 2-Kroon coins (25 grams), sometimes called Raptors -- less common, they show a sort of eagle-ish bird on the reverse (the heraldic sign of the royal clan); and a 0.1 Kroon coin known as the Deme, made from electrum (50% gold, weight 5 grams). A variety of plastic currency circulates in the Principality, for larger and smaller denominations and fractions of currency; it is widely counterfeited, and wise folk either deposit it into a bank or change it for "hard" money as soon as possible.

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