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Talislanta House rules

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Talislanta House Rules


Character Generation and Improvement

Characteristics and hit points

All player characters receive the Tough quirk for free, gaining another five hit points. If it appears in one of your Paths, you may buy it a second time for the usual cost of two skill points.  Ten extra hit points seems like plenty, so buying it a third time is not allowed.



Skills and Quirks





The 5th Edition does not have a Shield or Parry skill. If you are parrying with your body, bracers, shields, or Thrall garde then use your Brawling skill level. If you are parrying with a dagger, battle fan, or other secondary weapon, use your skill level with that weapon.  See page 56 of the Player's Guide for rules on parrying.



Orders of Magic


Modes of Magic

Modes are supposed to be a game mechanic that spell casters spend little or no time thinking about in-game. To support this, I propose the following changes to acquiring Modes:

  1. A spell caster has access to all Modes available to his or her Order. 
  2. A casting penalty of (-4) applies if the spell caster does not have the Skill for that Mode.
  3. The casting penalty can be bought off incrementally: 2 xp reduces it to -3; 6 xp reduces it to -2; 12 xp reduces it to -1; and 20 xp eliminates the penalty entirely. This is a piecemeal acquisition of the Skill for the Mode.
  4. To encourage adventurers to seek out new magic, a spell caster may not increase the level of a Mode beyond the number of spells they know in that Mode. 


Malgon's player would like to improve his Attack Mode from (0) to (1).  Malgon decides to re-dedicate himself to learning Arcane Bolt and goes looking for his notebooks from his Lyceum days. After Malgon (re)masters that spell, his player spends 2 experience points to raise Attack Mode to (1).  His player also decides to drop 2 experience points on reducing the Attack Mode casting penalty from (-4) to (-3).


Mode-specific House Rules

  • Attack
  • Conjuration (includes Summoning)
  • Divination (aka Reveal)
  • Enchantment (includes Alter)
  • Influence
  • Illusion
  • Move
  • Transmutation(includes Heal)
  • Ward (includes Defend)


Magic Items


The World Around You


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