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Talislanta Transmutation

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House Rules

  • This Mode may be used at range with a -1 penalty per five feet. (Touch: no penalty; 0-5 feet: -1, 6-10 feet: -2, etc.)



  • There are currently no house rules for transformations.



  • The spell level of Healing must equal or exceed the level of damage done if the wound is to heal cleanly and without scars. Using a lower level spell results in puckering of the wound and much slower healing of the remaining damage; complications are common.
  • A second attempt to Heal a wound is okay if the second spell's level exceeds both the first spell and the original damage.
  • Failures promote complications (ex: increased chance of Infection); Mishaps induce them.

Curing/Inflicting Infections


Curing/Inflicting Diseases




Notes and Discussion













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