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That Could Have Gone Better

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The group is mostly housed at the Fist, three hours ride south of Kulwad, preparing for their upcoming journey into the Pale and beyond ... Chandra spent a day (and a fair sum of money) getting her gear ready for the trek east. -- Leslie for Chandra


One evening, after a couple of days of horse tending, weapon training, gear tending, supply buying, etc., Konrad notices Derek saddling up and heading off from the village outside of the Fist. After a few minutes of pondering, Konrad enters the keep and informs Bruno, who had just turned in for the night. Bruno decided to follow, and had Konrad find anyone else available immediately for a night ride -- Blix and Chandra, it happened. Setting forth less than an hour after Derek rode out, the quartet rode hard on the highway north towards the city, normally a three-hour trip by day. -- Michael


Bruno and company arrived in town, wet and cold (it was a dark and stormy night after all). Bruno managed to convince the gate guards to let us in. As the quartet were heading in to find stabling for the horses, one of the guards mentioned to Chandra that she might look for Derek at a famous, all-night cafe (Anaix's Coffee House). Once we had negotiated stabling, the four of us headed for the cafe. While Konrad and Blix kept watch for any suspicious characters leaving the cafe. Bruno and Chandra went in for a snack and to see what they could find out. On his way to the necessary, Bruno overheard Derek and his companions talking. Derek mentioned meeting later at ___, and going to the Fishhouse. Bruno ducked into the necessary and avoided being caught.


The quote was from Derek. "Frank, you go to the 'Great Norther'. We'll go out. Give us the usual signal if it's clear. Louie, check out the 'Kicking Blue'. We'll be ready to move to the fish house. Wilson, Rafael, stay here with me."


When Bruno returned to find Chandra, they decided to arrange for accomodations (two rooms) for the rest of the night. While Chandra held down the fort at the inn, Bruno went back to tell Blix and Konrad to take turns watching the cafe. Bruno noticed some one leaving the cafe and followed her to an after-hours party. After an hour or so at the party, Bruno's quarry left, with Bruno in stealthy pursuit (not stealthy enough as she gave him the slip). Bruno eventually stumbled onto the tavern Derek had mentioned. Bruno soon found out that Derek and his companions were planning to leave town. Bruno quickly went back to the cafe and had Blix follow them while he went to get Chandra and Konrad. I might have the who did what part here mixed up


Once our four stainless heroes were assembled, they quickly determined that Derek was not sensibly returning to the Fist for a good night's sleep, as Derek and his companions were leaving by the wrong gate. The heroes quickly retrieved their horses and followed. After good long ride, Derek and his companions approached a fish farm and carefully (though not carefully enough as it turns out) cased the joint to make sure there wouldn't be an ambush. They then went inside. Bruno left Konrad and Chandra back to watch the horses, as they are not really sneaky in plate armor. Bruno and Blix went in closer to see if they could over hear Derek and whoever he was meeting. About this time we noticed some of the nija's on the roof.


Derek's group was attacked. Bruno and Blix had separated intending to meet at the back of the fish house. As he went past a convenient door, Bruno decided that capturing a nija might give us some useful information. Oops -- The nija did the capturing. Bruno did a good imitation of a local yokel who just wanted to know what was going on. The nija didn't kill him. just tied him up to wait for the boss. Meanwhile, in the other room, Derek and his companions were doing a good job of trying to foil the ambush. Konrad and Chandra decided they should get closer to back up Bruno and Blix.


After a near miss by an arrow from another Nija on the roof, Chandra went and found Blix --who was busily setting the roof on fire to create a distraction. The fight between the Nija's and Dereks group sounded pretty horrible, and was dying down. Chandra went in to rescue Bruno and wound up with an arrow in her leg. But managed to get the two of them outside.


Konrad, continuing the Stainless heroes' reallly bad timing on this outing, meanwhile had gone into rescue both Chandra and Bruno. Konrad quickly discovered that the head nija was a really nasty dude with a really sharp sword because the sword sliced off his arm. Bruno healed Chandra well enough to go back into rescue Konrad. Bruno and Chandra quickly got chopped up again (Honest Medicosi, I really was trying to rest my arm) . At this Juncture, Blix wisely decided he'd go get the horses. After Bruno and Chandra had managed to fight the remaining Nija's to a draw, Bruno negotiated retrieving Konrad and leaving. The leader of the nija's agreed. Bruno & Chandra tried to take Derek's body as well. That was a big fat (demon-sword enforced) "No". so Bruno managed to pick Derek's pocket as he put the body down.


Blix came up with the horses; the four stainless heroes went back to the nearest village. Bruno arranged for Chandra and Konrad who were in no shape to ride hard to rest at the headman's house (see I've Got An Owie for details). Blix and Bruno raced for the fist as fast as they could travel with four horses between the two of them. -- Leslie





Eckston is the tiny village where Chandra and Konrad are holed up. Bruno is a Muddy, Bloody mess! -- Hugh for Bruno


Isuelte goes through several emotions as Bruno and Blix tell their tales: concern, fear, grief, then settles on cold anger. "Bruno, you did the best you could. Derek knew that we could--would--help had he asked, but he walked into a trap. Did you get any sense of what he was looking for there?" - Sheri for Isuelte


Yes, Dat iz fairly well what happened. Though I only know first hand what happen after Bruno come get me after he get back from wild party where de suspicios lady was, I guess.(while I was getting rained on an flicking off tiny frogs and shell-snails things).

Actually, Just to clarify the reason that the buirding was on fire was because I set it on fire. I was acturaly in position to overhear Bruno get captured, (was amazing, he was quiet like a cat, but she hear him anyway, I think dese ningas was pretty good trained.) and I waz farry certain dat he were in no immediate danger cuz Bruno convinced dem dat he was jus some guy...

The rest uf us was somewhat spread out, so set alight the building in de customary fashion (starting from one wall, under the eaves, so to drive teh occumpants in one direction). This is one of our traditional methods for driving people from a building (especially that contains something of higher value to us than to the occupants), reasoning that the combating parties would soon depart and probabry leave Bruno in de building, (them not knowing that anyone else was outside to snatch him up at the appropriate moment) Also dere was definatery ninjas on de roof.

Forgetting that what would seem obvious to myserf or one of my people might not be so obvious to Chandra or Konrad, and amidst confusion of de situation, I faored to completly explain to Chandra my plan and that Bruno was in no immediate danger from them, and dat we sould wait just outside the door and risten for any signs that they might have ill plans for him, or dat they may be reaving.So worried that since the main fight had stop, that they may turn dere attention to Bruno , she decided to attempt a rescue. So I wait an risten again, It's not soundng good ; sound like she get caught too, so I gadher Konrad , and we come in to help.

There was a terrible monster in dere with 3 times my size and he had a fearsome weapon that seem to be full of evil spririts, an he just chop of Konrad's arm like was nothing. I did my best to deal with minions, but when he came for me I panic and jump out da window into da river, Aporogies. I wanted to stand my ground but I could not. My feet decide for my head. But I don't know if we couldda beat him anyway. Most of us was pretty banged up.He let us go for some reason but wouldn't let us take any de bodies or touch any de stufff. But Bruno, he was tricky , he manage to snatch de little pouch real quick without the monster knowing.

We den took of for here quick as we could. We had to leave Chandra and Konrad behind becuase they are in pretty bad way.Dey need some help as soon as we can arrange. -- Walt for Blix


Sheri, you'll just have to imagine the tenor sax strains of "Ninja on the Roof" from the actual game session...


[listen to an excerpt of "Ninja On The Roof" here -- http://www.gramofon.ba/releases.php?release_id=15〈=en ]


Leah (aka Her Grace, aka Isultes' Mommy) will take a look at the pouch that Bruno took from Derek's belt. She is just a tad teary after hearing the whole story, but her expression is fixed and stoney. Her tones and inflections are safely formal: "Thank you Ser and Dane. If you had not been there I don't doubt these ... Assassins ... would have used our ignorance against us."

She weighs the pouch carefully, and it in her mind at least, it seems weighty indeed. Examining the obvious seal, she says, her vioce softening just a little "I think I know where to find a key for this. However, I am going to give reign to my paranoic side, and take some time to be cautious."

She stands. "Isuelte, if you would please join me in the Secure Summoning Room in a half an hour, if you please?" She nods to the everyone, and departs. From the withdrawling room where you are, you can here her speaking in clipped tones to some Fem, whose short reply has a just a hint of fear in it.

A ValleyFem in her late 30's comes in, dressed in martial caste clothes of a rust overtunic and deep red undertunic and trousers. Sword and dagger at her waist; long reddish brown hair and hazel eyes -- Lilicent Korrig'Dor, the Duke's military advisor. Sketchy Martial Caste 'bow". "Sedntay, Dane, Ser. I have taken the liberty of dispatching more troopies to search the area around Eckston for ninja, as well as more to look at the Fishouse, and additional healers for your comrades. If you go onto the outer grounds, please take an escort. I've put the guards on alert, as well as activating some of the wards." -- Ken


Side Quest: Chandra and Konrad in I've Got An Owie


On to Weapons Of Magical Destruction

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