The Castle In The Dream Realms

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30 Talislandre, 621 NA

     Thus, a day later, our heroes board a windship with Ceriefseran. Rising to a high altitude, he performs some sort of Gate-related magic, opening a portal through which we are to step. On the other side we find ourselves in a gigantic castle, of a style not seen in Talislanta, standing in some strange, foggy landscape. Within, we are greeted by an old man named Arnott, who tells us we may receive instruction in nearly any field or skill.


   The castle has many strange inhabitants, and it seems that magic provides many comforts for the residents. Apparently, it exists on some other plane -- the Dream Realm, or Limbo according to some; the visitors, from many strange worlds, pay dearly for their stay here. Some of the castle folk: Celie, Bartlebrott (quite a nuisance), Clarence Ignatius Fernbottom (very odd), Jenra and Tyrel, etc.


   Aldak begins a course on Tactics and Scouting; Kija, studying Witchcraft (although an attempt at learning Attack spells comes to nothing) and perhaps sword fighting skills; Vidan wishes to know the ways of piloting Windships, and to increase his skill at Dispelling Magic (instructed, in fact, by a Xambrian ancestor-spirit, Stevan). Puliko's time in the castle is spent in studying some magic, and in increasing the skills which the Shadowstrike Set gave him.


   Our heroes are wondering if time spent in the Dream Realms will not match, or even count against, time in Talislanta.


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