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Time Out Of Balance

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Journal Part One

Journal Part Two

Journal Part Three

Journal Part Four

The Amazing Return of the Sunnyvale Four


Character Profiles


Times and Places

dates are relative to the campaign start date of 2008


69 Juncture - opened 1994, closed in 2007 

1854 Juncture - opened 1993, closed in 2007

The Ice Age Juncture - closed 1997

1018 Juncture - opened 24 years ago

1900 Juncture - opened 5 years ago 

2008 Juncture - opened 39 years ago

2056 Juncture  - opened 11 years ago (but using gate rippers before that)

Hell - always open, 24 hours a day 

The known Portals


System and Background


Concept of the Game

Character Generation

PSO Skills

Combat System



Base Skills For Weapons

Martial Arts

Mystical Martial Arts


Interdimensional Groups


The Jammers

The Ascended 

Yuan Xia (the Jade Wheel)

The Buro

The Four Monarchs

Dao Gung (The Guiding Hand)

The Shaolin Monastery

Lian Hua Sizhe (The Eaters of the Lotus) 

Guishen (Demons and Ghosts)

The Scholeio Skoteinos




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