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TooB Income 1900

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Item  per month    in Chinese Tael 
Indian Army sepoy 7 rupees 3.73T
US Army private $15 24.45T
US Army sergeant $30 48.90T
US Army lieutenant $200 326.00T
US Army colonel $333 542.79T
machinist, in San Francisco $68 110T
locomotive engineer, in San Francisco $88 142T
British Army infantry private 30s 12T
British Army lieutenant £9 16s 78.40T
British Army lt-colonel £27 6s 218.40T
Royal Navy leading seaman £2 12s 20.80T
Royal Navy captain £60 480T
German Army leutnant 16 marks 6.21T
German Army oberstleutnant 100 marks 38.83T
French Army private 13 francs 3.4T
French Army lieutenant 210 francs 54.6T
French Army lt-colonel 578 francs 150T
house servant, plus room/board 4 tael 4T
regular soldier, plus room/board 2 tael 2T
laborer during harvest 3 tael 3T
laborer, off-season 2 tael 2T
laborer, in Peking 5 tael 5T


Sources: Mulhall's Dictionary of Statistics (pub. 1889, 1898).

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