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TooB Items Of Interest

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 1 month ago

Three dead bodies, two are caucasian males in their late 20s, one asian or eurasian in his mid-20s. All three seem to have suffered rapid dehydration, time of death would be hard to determine from the remains alone.


Dwight Savage



Caucasian male, late 20s, very short brown hair. Khaki pants, long-sleeve men's shirt, scuffed leather shoes. Cell phone, cheap wristwatch, M1911A1 pistol + two loaded magazines, leather belt holster and magazine carrier, wallet, folding tactical knife, house and car (Pontiac) keys and car alarm fob on ring, Hertz rental car key. Wallet contains $220, AAA card, Blue Shield of California card (effective February 2007), Wells Fargo Visa card, California driver's license (988 Hawaii Avenue, Otay Mesa), Greystone Limited ID, CA CCW permit (expires May 2010, authorized by San Diego County Sheriff, covers 9mm, .38, 10mm) -- all in the name of Dwight Savage.



Morris Brown


Caucasian male, late 20s, short brown hair, slight beard. Slightly-tailored suit, blue tie, black "police flyer" shoes. Cell phone, expensive wristwatch, Micro Uzi SMG with 16 rd magazine of .45 ACP, 3 loadeds 30 round magazines of .45 ACP, wallet, tanto-style knife, Bic pen, house and car (Ford, Jeep) keys on ring, Hertz rental car key. Wallet contents: $550, B of A Visa card, North Carolina driver's license (10 Brookdale Court, Moyock), Blue Shield of California card (effective 10 May 2008), Greystone Limited ID, CA CCW permit (expires May 2010, authorized by San Diego County Sheriff, covers 9mm, .38, 10mm) , Bureau of Security and Investigative Services guard license (good till May 2010), BSIS exposed firearm permit (for 9mm, .38, 10mm, .45, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and 12 ga; issued May 2008), Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card (status, contractor; affiliation, Army, expiration date May 2011) -- all in the name of Morris Brown.


Gordon Hong


Eurasian male, mid 20s, short black styled hair. Expensive dark gray English suit, cuff links, silk tie with wagon-wheel design, Italian shoes. Expensive wristwatch, cell phone, sat phone and crypto box, expensive pen, set of colored chalk, bluetooth earphone for phone or laptop, Panasonic CF-30 ToughBook laptop (weight 2.3 kg, with magnesium case, fingerprint scanner, smartcard reader, military-grade GPS), laptop charger cable, metal tin for Marks & Spencer mints (contains 5 small plastic vials of white powder [ketamine] and 20 small tablets [amphetamines]) . Wallet with $205, New York driver's license (1094 Fifth Avenue, New York City), Avis preferred service card, Gotham Dream Cars service card, registered traveller smartcard -- in the name of Gordon Hong.



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