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TooB Lodge Character Generation

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see the Index or the Ascended


This process is intended for transformed animals from the Modern (2008 or so) Juncture.


Transformed animals are strong, tough and long-lived (partly due to hybrid vigor). An active lifespan of 70 years is not uncommon; maximum lifespan depends on the animal type, but never more than 130 years.


When generating transformed animals, apply +1d6 APP, +1d6 CON, +1d6 STR, and +1d6 POW after creating stats. For members of the Nineteen Families, free skills include +10% in Other Language (Written Chinese), +25% in either Mandarin or Cantonese (either Own Language or Other Language), +10% in Chinese Mythology and Customs; and +50% in Credit Rating. Transformed animals who were not raised among the Families don't get the free skills.


See the Character Creation page for general information. Here's a character sheet:  coc6_modern_sheet.pdf


Choose one of the Nineteen Families from the chart for your character's nominal loyalty or origin. Whatever their apparent ethnicity, transformed animals raised within the Lodge structure are exposed to, and often follow, Taoist and Confucian beliefs, use traditional Chinese medicine, employ feng shui, etc.


Of course, each generation of the Ascended has become more human, both genetically, mystically, and culturally; and the previous generations complain about the loss of the Old Ways, decadence and lack of respect, etc.. More than ever, the latest generation resents the restrictions on public life, obedience to the Council, and any attempts to arrange marriages. In fact, since the middle of the Twentieth Century, more than half of the offspring of transformed animals are produced with a human mate.


The commonest Call of Cthulhu occupations among older transformed animals are Antiquarian, Dilletante or Professor; younger ones are very often Dilletantes.  Members of families without specific ties to Asian regions or organizations can be of any apparent ethnic type. Only members of the Bear, Ox, and Tiger clans enter occupations such as Military Officer, Policeman, etc.


As a matter of interest, two (human) bodyguards and an Ascended had this stuff on them when they died.


After the Critical Shift - One Character's Experience


Before the Critical Shift, your life was one of ease -- your Family had access to private resorts, private transport, swanky apartments, fast cars, yachts, drugs, party boys and girls, all that stuff. Luck went your way; you were never seriously ill, never had to work too hard even at difficult tasks, never got hooked on the various drugs you abused.


One fine day -- Monday, February 2, 2009 -- the world changed.


Now, everything is more difficult. Not only do you have no financial resources, and no connections to anyone influential, but your luck seems to have changed.


Most importantly to you as a Transformed Animal, nearly the entire history of your people has disappeared. Only persons or objects which had passed through a Portal remain unchanged; otherwise, it is as if the Ascended had never existed. The world changed in other ways too -- a huge economic downturn was in full effect, with the American government spending trillions of dollars to prop up the economy [that is to say, the current real timeline came into effect]. Since 95% of the Ascended had never gone through a Portal, most of them just vanished. The normal (non-Transformed, never-passed-through-a-Portal) human beings you may have known are leading different lives, sometimes far different lives than what you remember; they do not remember you.


Bank accounts do not exist, caches are gone, all records of your existence have vanished -- you have no official existence, no birth certificate, no school records. Also gone are all the Portals to other Junctures, and all the feng shui that brought luck to the Ascended.


Over a few months, you may have gotten in touch with a dozen or so other surviving Ascended -- all, like yourself, had passed through a Portal to another Juncture at least once. These other Ascended are mostly a pretty pathetic, unlucky lot now -- before the Shift they were jet-setting Beautiful People, useful to nobody; now they're just paranoid, drug-abusing has-beens, even less useful. Hundreds of years of back-up karma seems to have fallen, rather disastrously, on the heads of the remaining Ascended. Or even, considering the economic depths to which the world is plunging, onto civilization itself.


A few others of the Ascended have been killed in suspicious circumstances - whether by other Ascended types, or by other Portal users with grudges to satisfy, you cannot tell. A couple of humans that worked for your Family have located you; one specifically still feels some loyalty to your Family, and seems to have some financial resources (more than you, certainly).


This person is John Planker; he accompanied you on your only trip through a Portal (to the 1900 Juncture). He was, in his younger years, primo muscle in the beating-shit-up squad of your Family; when you met him in 2007, he was over 50, but still tough. He had moved on to security and bodyguarding duties for the Family, much less arduous. He had quite a few hair-raising stories of the wierd world of the Secret Time War.


John has told you of his best guess as to what happened to cause the Critical Shift -- the Jammers (a bunch of anarchistic rebels and cyborg animals from the future) seem to have been messing around in the 1019 Juncture and grabbed enough feng shui to change the rules of the universe. The fact that all the open Portals to other Junctures closed on the same day as the Critical Shift is pretty scary; it's not certain the damage can be undone.


You and John have scoured press reports about odd happenings after March 2nd, and have located and spoken with a few other people who remember the "real" history before the Shift. Some kind of huge battle or event was taking place in the 1019 Juncture, with persons and entities from all sorts of groups taking an interest. Late in 2009, you're looking into four Sunnyvale firefighters, who disappeared for six months and reappeared just after the Shift. They have claimed to not remember what happened, but John says the coverup of their disappearance looks like the work of the Nineteen Families (though apparently not by your Family).  And, most notably, one of them now has a so-called piercing that looks very much like something John saw on the "cyborgs from the future".


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