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TooB Motorola Astro

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Motorola Astro Sabre III



A digital and analog radio with 255 channels, P25 capable, DES-XL encryption, mdc-1200 or singletone repeater access, OTAR, and the only more recent radio to incorporate the old Motorola modat (5 tone) format. Output about 3 to 6 watts. First portable radio capable of decoding mdc-1200 on screen. Produced 1992 to 2004 and very widely used still in the US (most notably by the NYPD and LAPD), even though Motorola is ending maintenance support. Cost new was about $4500, but was only available directly to government agencies -- though surplus sets are showing up in private hands now. Weight about 1.2 kg, most of which is the battery.


The 7.5 volt rechargeable NiCad battery holds 1800 mA-hr of power, is good for 10 to 12 hours of use -- less if you're transmitting a lot.


Some channels in use:



SVDPS-1	482.9625	141.3		Sunnyvale PD primary
SVPDS-3 483.1625 141.3 Sunnyvale PD tac

MACS 482.3375 114.8 Santa Clara County Mutual Aid Communications System
- cross-linked to 460.0250, 154.475, and a Santa Clara talkgroup.

NLEMARS 154.4750 National Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Radio System
CLEMARS 154.9200 California Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Radio System
CLEMARS-2 154.9350
SVDPS-2	482.7125	141.3		Sunnyvale FD primary
SVDPS-6 482.4125 141.3 Sunnyvale FD secondary

WHITE-1 154.2800 Statewide fire mutual aid WHITE-1 (WHITE)
WHITE-2 154.2650 Statewide fire mutual aid WHITE-2
WHITE-3 154.2950 Statewide fire mutual aid WHITE-3

BLUE 153.8450 Santa Clara county fire mutual aid BLUE
YELLOW 153.8300 fireground tactical YELLOW
CALCORD	156.0750			interagency common coordination frequency
- frequently used as air-ground for medivac helicopters

RED 033.9600 Santa Clara County interagency fire dispatcher intercom

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