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TooB Norse Sailing Vessels

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The knarr or knorr ranged in size from 6 meters long, with a crew of three or four, to 20 meters long. A 16 meter boat would have a beam of 5 meters, and a draft of 1 meter; freeboard was about a meter. It might make 8 to 10 knots under sail.


Here's a website with much information on a 16.5 meter knarr, much like the one owned by Thorfinn the Merchant.


A drakken or drakkar is a warboat -- an average one is 28 meters long, and the largest known was 70 meters long. A 23.5 meter vessel would have a beam of 5 meters, and have 24 pairs of oars; a 30 meter vessel would have 30 pairs of oars.


Lots of pictures at Vikingship.com



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