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Troublemakers Bios

Page history last edited by Michael 9 years, 4 months ago

Aldak, Arimite knife fighter [Hugh] , aka "Zaldak"

  • appearance: height xx, weight xx, swarthy complexion, long black hair, dark eyes

  • male, age xx, STR xx, CHA xx

  • garb & gear: (summary here)

  • usual attacks or magics: knives and scimitars, thrown and otherwise

  • other notable abilities: (summary here)

  • "What a waste of money!"


Keja, Saristan / Dhuna witch; aka "Ginger" [Lisa]

  • appearance: height xx, weight xx, olive skin, black hair, expressive features

  • female, age xx, STR xx, CHA xx

  • garb & gear: (summary here)

  • usual attacks or magics: staff, Witchcraft

  • other notable abilities:  men like her!

  • "I am NOT kissing the Za slaver."


Puliko, Saristan gypsy [NPC]

  • appearance:  5' 6", weight 140 lbs, topaz skin, black hair, dark eyes, slender build, trimmed mustachios

  • male

  • garb & gear: 

  • usual magics or attacks: quarterstaff or dueling sword, minor healing and concealment magicks, Tantara

  • other notable abilities:  lockpicking, streetwise

  • "Thief? That's such a limited view of my talents."'


Vidan, Xambrian wizard hunter [Michael] , aka "Zidan"

  • appearance: height 5' 10", weight 175 lbs., bone-white skin, long raven-black hair, dark violet eyes, hard features

  • male, age 21, STR +1, CHA -1 (but net CHA +2)

  • garb & gear: black spangalor armor, spinifax cloak, vest, breeches, high boots, silver mesh gauntlets

  • usual attacks or magics: spiritblade (rating 14), short bow (rating 6), Dispel (rating 11)

  • other notable abilities:  stealth (rating 7), shapeshift (rating 2), dreaming (rating 5)

  • "Death stalks at my heels; you would be foolish to trifle with me."



Former Troublemakers!


Asphyxx, Ferran salvager [Chaz]

  • male, age XX, STR XX, CHA XX

  • "Hah!  Shiny!  Mine!"


Tziršhullah, Zandiran Certament [Kristina]

  • appearance: imperious, demanding

  • female, age xx, STR, CHA

  • garb & gear: currently, no garb (Danelek garb was burned). Normally, ____

  • usual attacks or magic: duelling sword, purchased magics

  • other notable abilities: Sharp Tongued,

  • "Such things are beneath me."


Dragonlily, Muse [Dana]

  • appearance:

  • female, age xx, STR xx, CHA xx

  • garb & gear: long 'princess' dress, bear trap

  • usual attacks or magic:   muse natural magics, telempathy

  • other notable abilities:  disturbingly eager for combat. Accompanied by her whisp, Digg.

  • "Put the bear trap on him!"

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